The Marriage Project: Prep Week

Hey all of my fellow marriage projecters… it’s GO time!

Now that we’ve all gotten our books, we can finally get started.

This week is officially prep week… here’s what you have to do:

1) Read the book– cover to cover. And, Troy, this is nothing like those 3,234 page seminary books that you were forced to get through in mere days so no whining!

2) Put your “major projects” (a.k.a. date nights) on the calendar. And, call a babysitter so there’s no last minute scramble.

3) Plan “major project #3” (a.k.a. the double date). Figure out who you’re going to go with and set the date.

4) Make reservations at any restaurants you may want to go to on your dates, buy tickets to any events, etc.

5) Order anything you need over the internet… there are a few projects that involve getting your sweetie something special. If your spouse, say, loves to wear $38 deodorant that must be special ordered from Nordstrom (not that I know anyone like that), then order it ahead so it comes in time.

Once you’re done, report back… we’re starting project #1 on Monday, August 23rd.


  1. Oh, wow. You ARE speaking big prep!
    Is there really $37 deoderant out there????


  2. I want to do this! Is there time to get the book? can I find it at Barnes and noble?