Getting the Call

I got “The Call” last February 12th.

I ran in to pick my kids up from preschool and got back out to the car and saw that I had a message. It was from Rachelle. And she had an offer on my book.

So, I dilly-dallied for a few hours, ran some errands, drove home, checked my email and eventually got around to calling Rachelle back. Um, kidding. I dialed the phone before I had even buckled my seatbelt.

A real, live offer. And a real, live publisher wanted to publish it.

Oh, and, by the way, would it be possible to see a complete manuscript by mid-April?

Mid-April? Like April 2010?

I quickly did some calculations. That gave me just over 2 months to write an entire book. An ENTIRE book. Uh-huh.

But, of course, I said yes. No problem. I could easily EASILY get it done by then.

And, of course, I was lying. Writing a whole book in two months is a nearly impossible feat. But, if I had an offer, I was going to try.

I hung up the phone and called my husband.

He brought home ice cream cake and sparkling wine.

We celebrated.

And I got started writing.


  1. That's not lying; that's MOTIVATION! Good job!

  2. I LOVE reading about this!! And you are so motivated and amazing!

  3. I hope you realize how unique and special this situation is. I'm glad the Lord has opened such wide doors for you Erin!

  4. Wow, that's incredible! I agree with T. Anne – definitely sounds like the exception! Looking forward to the next installment of this story.

  5. Love those cliff hangers.

  6. I needed to hear a success story today! Congratulations!

  7. Wow, Erin! You and I got the call at approximately the same time, but your book is coming out about four months before mine. I have complete respect for your ability to produce under pressure. :-) And I love your cover.

  8. Wow – I'm sure I'd say "yes" to, but I'm not sure I could do it. That's an amazing feat!

  9. Wow! What a feat! Writing under pressure of a deadline with a preschooler at home. You're good!

  10. It is amazing what we achieve when under pressure. Well done! Mmm, icecream cake and sparkling wine, a good motivator. *smile*

  11. Wow! Two months, huh? Praise God!!
    Think I would faint!

  12. So, you completed the book in 2 months? I'm amazed!!! You'll have to do a post letting us know how you accomplished that!

  13. If anyone could do it, you could!! You go, girl!

  14. The part where you mentioned your hubby brought all the goodies to celebrate, brought tears to my eyes.

    Every writer knows how difficult it is and how much work it entails.
    Congrats! I am so happy and proud of you:)