What’s for Dinner (er, LUNCH) Wednesday: Adult Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

So, big surprise, I slacked off. Again.

We had pancakes for dinner last night. And, since I’m guessing all of you already know how to make plain old pancakes (open store-bought pancake mix, add water, fry), I’m not going to feature that.

BUT, I’m not going to leave you recipe-less today. My friend Kate writes one of my very favorite food blogs EVER. She did some food writing for me when I was at Nickelodeon and after I left, I’ve still continued to follow her blog because her recipes are just that good. Anyway, today, she wrote about adult brown bag lunch ideas. And, since my husband likes to eat lunch every.single.day and seems to think that PB & Nutella sandwiches are just for kids, these ideas are super helpful.

SO, click on over to Kate’s blog, Cooking During Stolen Moments and get her adult brown bag lunch ideas.

My favorite idea? Portillos Chopped Salad. Look at that picture… isn’t it gorgeous? Mmmm.


  1. WOW! It looks like a slaw salad I make but not quite. Will have to zip over!

    Thanks for a sensory feast of a picture!


  2. Looks wonderful! I need more easy recipes for fall and this one sounds amazing.

  3. Dinner was not good at my house last night. I fried perch but it was gross-ish. Pancakes would have been much better.

    That dish looks yummy!

  4. So glad to have discovered your blog, and thank you for your response to mine! You were my very first e-mail through the site ever! I look forward to connecting in the blogosphere — I sense many potential intersecting areas of interest, and much to exchange. And I'm a follower of Rachelle Garnder's blog, too.

    By the way, your children are so beautiful. Enjoy every minute of them hanging on your legs!

  5. Mmmm…yum…Justin will appreciate this post since I'm trying to make him more exciting lunches. I mean, it's only been over four years of turkey or pb&j everyday, and he's bored with that? Weird…

  6. Sounds and looks yummy! I am off to check out her blog and get some recipe ideas!