Delightful Children, Aren’t They?

These are my superadorable and superprecious kids Joey and Kate… cute, right?

And here is a sampling of some of the lovely conversations we’ve had this week. Adorable, aren’t they?

K: Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: No.
K: Then why does your tummy look so big and…so out?


J: Mommy, how come Daddy’s french toast is golden and yummy and yours is black and tastes funny?


J: Mommy, the reason I sometimes do bad things is because you’re so mean to me never buy me Star Wars toys at Target. You know, if you bought me the Ashoka with the Hutt in her backpack, I’d be good for all day.


K: Mommy, how come Auntie looks like a princess and you just look like a Mommy?


J: Mommy, you said you loved me more than the dog, but you sure talk nicer to him.


K: Can I spend the night at Oma’s?
Me: Maybe. Let me ask her.
K: Good, cause she sings better at night night time.


  1. Hi Erin, Thank you so much for your comment on my guest post on Rachelle Gardner's Blog!

    I love your kid comments above! I've had my "belly laugh" for the day!

    God bless, Sue Harrison

  2. HAHAHAHA! Oh man. My daughter says stuff like that too.

  3. These are really funny!

  4. Kids sure do say the darndest things! -I know this all too well also 😉

  5. So funny – gotta love the little sweet peas!!! I remember when my son was younger I served him a pop tart for breakfast. I thought it was a treat and he'd like it! Instead he said – mom…can I have something other than this like maybe celery? I'll never forget it because it was SO backwards!!!

    Thanks for making me smile!!

  6. out of the mouths of babes! gotta love it! I'm mortified at the thought of what my older kids say when they are AWAY from home! Your kids are adorable, my son has really blond hair like that too! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Cute cute sayings! Love how honest and innocent kids are. It's a shame how fast we lose that.

  8. Just wait,your grandkids will also have wonderful things to say like, "Grandma, why do you have so many wrinkles?"

  9. Oh dear, they are honest. My kids haven't hit this point yet (although my oldest does enjoy lifting my shirt and hitting my stomach bc it bounces).

  10. Oh, my goodness…those are too funny. Out of the mouths of babes, right? They lack the filter that tells them what is okay to say out loud, don't they?

  11. I love this, "Mommy, the reason I sometimes do bad things is because you're so mean to me never buy me Star Wars toys at Target. You know, if you bought me the Ashoka with the Hutt in her backpack, I'd be good for all day." So cute!!

    And hey, I used to have the same blog background design. I love it. And FYI, I'm the one who designed the "Trust in the Lord" button in your sidebar. Your blog feels like home. :)

  12. Love it– the fun never ends. Only kids that cute could get away with these comments!!!

  13. Being a parent sure is humbling!

  14. These are too funny!! And I thought my students said funny stuff…. :)

  15. Newest follower. Your kids should get their own HBO Comedy Special.

  16. We never have to wonder what they really think, do we? They call it like they see it. My mom-in-law says some great things too. Sometimes I post her funnies.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Those are hilarious. I can so relate to that first one. My son turned to me earlier this week after watching one of those green tea weightloss commercials and asked me if I wanted to get some of that. Oh they say the darndest things.

  18. Interesting conversation. It sounds a lot like the one's I have with my grandchildren :-)

  19. Lol – love it! My nephew once asked my mom to stop singing because it was hurting his ears!

  20. This sounds a lot like conversations that go on in my house! My faves:

    "You're just a big fat mommy!" – said on my way into the shower

    "I love Daddy better than you because he's better at telling stories."


  21. Honesty and innocence can be a funny and humbling combination!

  22. Too funny! Kids are so delightfully honest. Yesterday, my daughter asked me if I was "famous" because I'm a writer (albeit unpublished). I said no and she said, "Yeah, so in the whole world, you're just the tiniest little speck ever."

    Just in case I was getting too big for my britches. :-)