How Artists Design Book Covers

Okay, so I don’t usually post book-related posts on Wednesdays but I just couldn’t wait for this.

Check this out:

My book cover was illustrated by a fabulous artist named Monica Lee. The instant I saw it, I fell in love… it’s cute and hip and fun all at the same time. She did a great job, right?

Anyway, yesterday, a blogger named Cindy Ann who blogs at BluPenny, interviewed Monica about how she came up with my cover illustration and the process she went through.

It’s so cool to see the different sketches Monica did and to see how she arrived at the final product.

Check it out here... and then tell me what you think!


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  2. I imagine it must be similar to the creative process of writing – starting with an image then working from there. I love looking at different book covers and think they really can make a difference on whether the book was read.

  3. Very nice and attractive book cover.By the way i had also written a gide book for Master trainers of Women's programme in hindi titled–"Padho,Samjho,Jeevan Bachao"(Read,understand and save lives).This book was sponsered by Unicef(UP) India.
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  4. I love this cover. It definitely catches the eye!

  5. Oh I have missed some! Didn't realize you had a cover already–it is perfect and eye-catching!

  6. That's so cool! She definitely did a great job, this cover is really going to make people take a second look!

  7. That is SO cute! I love it. I have been meaning to write a book for so long. I actually have two books in my heart! I just need them to spill onto my computer. You inspire me!! Good job!

  8. thank you for the follow im following you now. i think that cover is awfully adorable!

  9. Hi Erin…the cover is CUTE. She has done a great job.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  10. The illustration is fabulous! It is pretty neat to see the process -I like how she names each one and -her secret trick 😉

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  13. Hi Erin, I haven't heard about the New Moms compilation book, but I did submit an article for their Prayer Partners book about the power of praying together. I'm still waiting to hear if it's been accepted. I'm praying it will be accepted. I met Jeanette Littleton in August at the Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference. She was great! I also heard about a few others that are coming out though. Thanks.

  14. My cousin, Manelle Oliphant ( does children's book illustrations so it's neat to see part of the process that an illustrator goes through.

    Thanks for the follow, I got you back. Congrats on your book. :)

  15. How neat! What an amazing process! Following you back. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog and can't wait to do some more reading! :-)


  16. What a wonderful, whimsical cover! She did such a great job! It would definitely catch my eye. Looking forward to reading it.