The Anti-Blogger.

I have been terrible about blogging lately… terrible. I’ve wanted to post, thought about posting, even tried to post… but when push came to shove, I just haven’t gotten it done.

It’s been crazy. I had a two-day, company-wide meeting-a-thon last week at work (and since I normally work from home part time, that made my week nutty!) To top that off, I got my final interior on my book back from my editor so I’ve been copyediting and indexing and all that. Plus, I have three almost-done book proposals I’m working on for my agent… so it’s been a crazy few weeks.

That said, my contest is still going on until Thursday so it’s not too late to enter! And I promise to get back into the blogging (and READING your blogs) thing next week. See you then!


  1. Good news on your book!

  2. Three book proposals?? That's awesome! Tell me more!

  3. You're awesome! CONGRATS!

  4. 3 book proposals?! You go girl…..I am working on submitting my first proposal next week and am scared to death about the final product!

  5. What an exciting time in your life! Great to see your smiling face again and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for you! :)

  6. Looks like your life is crazy! It's a good thing though. Congrats on the book proposals as well! Sounds so exciting. I'm starting research on my next one. Just trying to get in the writing groove again.

  7. No worries Erin! Take your time!


  8. To blog or not to blog… that's the question! It's okay to skip it now and then :)

  9. Oh, no apologies! Life is busy and blogging can't be first. It just can't! Hope you get everything done and can breathe again soon!

  10. I am the same, Erin. Time runs away with me! I am running a new blog for my children's book now, so I do not help myself. LOL

    Nissi Peters