Repost: Halloween 2007 By the Numbers

It’s time for a retro post.

Here’s my post from Halloween night, 2007 when Kate was just a few weeks old and Joey was 1. Kinda makes me glad my kids are a bit older and a bit more mature this year!

Halloween By the Numbers: October 31, 2007

— Number of minutes that it took for Kate to start screaming after I put her costume on. For some reason, she didn’t think it was comfortable to have foam balls glued to her back. Imagine that.

2— The number of years that Joey has worn his elephant costume. I know, I know… I’m a slacker. He just looked so cute in it last year and when I discovered that it still fit, I figured that it was worth wearing twice. Plus, I figure that the 40 hours of work I put into it last year warrents using it twice (or possibly three times… look for Kate the elephant next year).

3— The number of M & Ms that I let Joey eat tonight. I know. I’m such a mean mommy.

4–The number of times that Joey woke up in the middle of the night screaming “More El-phant! More Candy!”. Imagine what would’ve happened if I had let him eat four or five M & Ms.

5— The number of times I burned myself on the hot glue gun while trying to make Kate’s costume. My mom’s sewing machine is in storage so I had to get a bit creative with my costume assembling methods.

6— The number of “chaperones” that Joey and Kate had when we went to the Fall Festival at church. Mom, Dad, Peter & Alisa all tagged along to take pictures.

7–The number of times that Joey has asked for “Auntie. Choo-Choo. More. Please?” today (his Auntie Alisa took him on the choo-choo last night). I told him next year. He told me NOW. Please.

8–The number of miniature Almond Joys that I ate out of the candy bowl throughout the day. Before you chastize my lack of self-control, might I remind you that I’m a nursing mother.

9— The number of pictures that I took of Kate hanging out on her Daddy’s arm. A bit overboard I admit, but she looked so darn cute perched up there.

10–The number of minutes it took me to get baby Kate into her costume. No, it wasn’t the most practical costume but it sure was adorable.


  1. Oh my word. She DOES look scrumptious hanging on Daddy.

  2. OMG – have not seen such a cute baby or baby costume before. Seriously!

  3. Hi- I'm your fellow recipient of "The Versatile Blogger" from Glynis. Just stopped by to say hello… good memories from days of making little furry costumes!

  4. adroable photo– I love that when babies just chill out like that in that position. It must feel good, because some of them love it so.
    I am impressed with your costume creations. I have few skills in that arena. It's usually my husband with duck tape that makes our costumes!

  5. What sweet costumes! Isn't it great to look back? I came across my oldest's dance pictures from when she was five, and I almost cried! They were so precious!

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