What’s For Dinner? Not Sure

So, I’m in the hospital. Again.

Which means that instead of whipping up something delicious to post for What’s for Dinner Wednesday, I’m staring at my hospital food tray and wondering what it is. I *think* it’s some sort of chicken with marinara sauce and cheese, paired with chopped asparagus and some sort of dessert, but I’m not quite sure. What do you think it looks like?

And the question is: Do I eat it? Please remember, I’m here due to a queasy stomach, so something like this may put me over the edge. Of course, not eating could really throw me over the edge as well. What to do, what to do.


  1. Oh, Erin! So sorry to hear you're in the hospital. I totally agree that the food stinks there. I hope you can find something. When I had Macy, one of the nurses found me a turkey sandwich that wasn't bad…maybe you could ask for one of those. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. oh no. I am so sorry to hear it. If I were in for feeling queasy, I would probably keep it safe: the roll looks okay. Can they get you jello?

  3. I always sent AJ to get me Carrabba's when I was in the hospital -plenty of calories!! Otherwise, when my tummy is upset the only thing I can keep down is cold cereal. Do they have any of that stashed somewhere?

  4. Gross!! Don't eat it!! Find something else FAST!! Praying for you!!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Eat whatever sounds good that you think you can get down. Been there, done that. HUGS!

  6. I would eat the roll and call it a day. It seems cruel that they would serve you such gruel when you're already feeling sick to your stomach.

    I hope you feel better soon! *sending you virtual saltines!*

  7. Oh Erin! I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital! My thought and prayers are with you and your lil' one.
    I'd eat the rolls. Maybe the potates, the juice…ask for jello, tea and a PLAIN sandwich.
    Stick to the BRAT rule and you should be fine.
    *BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, & Toast.
    :) Feel better and God bless!

  8. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you!

  9. Awww, sorry to hear that! I hope you start feeling better. Also, I would at least eat the roll with some butter. It's a starch and will fill your belly. Then the potatoes. DO NOT EAT THE GREEN STUFF. I don't trust it.

  10. Oh no -I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital again! I think you're right on the food -some kind of chicken with marinara on top -etc. -Eat a little see how tastes and if you don't like it -take other's advice maybe find an alternative 😉

  11. Hi Erin,
    Congrats on the book! Just in case they could help, some tips that eased my illness thru pg x 3:
    *in labor w/#1 and quite ill – a nurse opened an alcohol pad, placed it over the bridge of my nose and had me breathe it. totally helped. (also helped during c-section when they couldn't give me more meds) turns out, this method is used with chemo patients, too.
    *sips of iced tea or coffee
    *"duo" prenatals – great balance and lots of b vits
    *even blood sugar b/e bed. **CRUCIAL** snack of 1/2 cup plain yogurt and a few almonds or a cheese stick, half an apple and a few almonds

    Hope this is of some help!

  12. I grew up eating stuff out of boxes. If I'm hungry enough I can eat almost anything, even hospital food. Hope you managed to munch on something.

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