First Sight

See what cute little Kate is holding there? It’s my book… my real, paper-and-ink, in-the-flesh book.

Okay, so it’s not really my book, it’s my pre-release galley– which means it’s uncorrected and doesn’t have the cool two-color interior that my real book will have–but it’s gorgeous nonetheless.

My editor, Rebecca, sent it to me on Friday (along with three other scrumptious novels that I’ve already read and enjoyed, thank you, Rebecca) and when I got the package, I stood there for a few moments just staring at the box. I knew what was inside– and I knew I was about to get my first glance of something that I’ve poured my heart and soul into for months. It was a surreal moment– all those edits, all those word documents, all those critiques, all those long nights at the hotel trying to figure out exactly how to explain labor and delivery to someone who has never been through it were all sitting there in front of me in a white Fed-Ex box.

When I eventually tore it open and pulled out my galley, I actually started to cry. Sappy, I know, but it was just so amazing to see how much work and effort (thank you, again, Rebecca, Rachelle and the Guideposts team) had gone into my book. It was amazing how everything came together. And, I confess, it was amazing to see my name on the cover. I’m so grateful for this opportunity– and so grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way.

This week, my galley is being sent out to media folks around the country. Bloggers– some of you, thank you– will also be receiving it and (hopefully) reading it. I’m a bit nervous to hear what people think. But I’m also so, so excited.


  1. Hooray!! Congratulations. This must be an incredible feeling! I hope it balances out all the stress of the hospital and pregnancy.

  2. Congratulations!!! Woohoohoo!! My name is on your list, right?

  3. Aw, so happy for you. I wish you the best.

  4. Oh my -It does sound exciting and emotional! Congratulations and Best Wishes!

  5. How exciting!!!! Can't wait to read it!

  6. Congratulations – that must be a spectacular feeling!

  7. Congratulations!! How exciting. I'd totally tear up, too :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just added my face to your followers on the right and hope to come back soon. I love the colors on your blog! You've done a great job

  8. Woohoo!!! I can't wait to see it on book stands. I might even get a little misty-eyed for you. :)

  9. How exciting,Erin! I'm so happy for you. From what I see, it's a winner.

  10. Congrats, Erin!! SO, SO exciting!!! I can only imagine how you must have felt!!

  11. Congratulations, Erin! It's such a wonderful feeling, holding all that hard work and all those dreams in your hands. Rejoice!

  12. Congratulations on your book! The cover is so adorable and I love the spirit of your blog so I can only imagine your book will be awesome. I found your blog through another blog where you gave writing tips. I loved what you said and shared some of it with a friend who has just sent off her book (transcript? not sure the writing ling) to an agent in hopes she will accept it. So happy for you and I look forward to reading more of your blog. Your kids are adorable by the way!

  13. Oh my goodness, I think I would cry too! Yay and congrats!!!! :-)

  14. Congratulations to you! It's so wonderful to hear of a dream becoming reality.

  15. Congratulations! You are such a superstar for handling all that you do, and with such grace. I am so impressed and I'm inspired as well.

    Can't wait to read your book when it hits the shelves!

  16. I teared up when you said YOU teared up! Congratulations again! It's difficult enough being a mother of small children and trying to instill in them Christian values in between colors and ABCs. But then you hauled off and wrote a book too! AND THEN got it published! Just…WOW. :)

  17. Congrats! That must be an awesome feeling!

  18. How did I miss this post?! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you are so excited and I can't wait to read it too. I'm thrilled for you and excited about your future journey with your book.

  19. That had to be the most amazing thing! I can't wait to read it!