Christmas Traditions

Anybody else have Christmas fever? It’s going strong at our house. In fact, my daughter woke me up at 4:52 am on Saturday morning because she wanted to know if it was Christmas yet. While I was carrying her back to bed, I noticed that the light in my son’s room was on. Yep, he was up, too. He was “thinking about how he wanted to decorate the Christmas tree. Let’s just say we had to lay down some very strong “don’t-get-out-of-bed-until-the-sun-comes-up” and “we-promise-we’ll-tell-you-if-it’s-Christmas-so-don’t-ask” rules at our house.

Since there’s so much Christmas fun floating around, I thought I’d dedicate the next few weeks on my blog to Christmas traditions. I’ll be sharing mine– but I also want to hear yours. So, tell me your favorite traditions in the comments and I’ll post your ideas, too!

As far as decorating goes, I usually decorate the day after Thanksgiving. I know, I know, it’s early, but I get antsy. This year, my kids wanted to help which I have to admit is a stretch for me. I’m slightly particular about things being just-so so I had to let go of some of my predetermined notions and let them have a say.

On Friday evening, we decorated both of our trees. I have a big 12-footer in my living room that’s decorated with my grandmother’s antique crystal ornaments. Then, the kids have a smaller 8-footer upstairs in their playroom that’s decorated with whatever ornaments they want to use. Of course, both of my trees ended up with a thick layer of ornaments on the bottom and nothing up top. I had to resist the urge to redistribute.

Question for you: When do you decorate for Christmas?


  1. We actually havenn't decorated in two years! But did this year early as my daughter came home. When she was with us, we always decorated the day after Thanksgiving too:)

  2. I'd have to say fudge making is a big deal at our house. Our family tradition of gathering around a large bowl of melted fudge and spooning it onto waxed paper in drops is a favorite Christmas activity.

  3. My post today was just about decorating for Christmas/getting the tree out. It's pretty much tradition to do as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. I did have to do a little redistributing of the ornaments 😉 We also love to go out sometime during the holiday season and see some Christmas lights!

  4. I am excited for this year because my (new!) husband and I are celebrating Christmas together for the first time. In fact, we haven't been able to be together for Christmas the ENTIRE time we dated. Crazy, since that is 5 years. Anyways, we are going to buy a tree tonight and decorate. I think a tradition that I will carry over from my family is homemade ravioli on Christmas Eve.

  5. We tend to decorate in the first week of December, but this year we're excited that we get to stay home for the first Christmas in a decade! So we're starting to decorate a little early.

  6. Your kids sound adorable! How cute!

    We decorated the tree this weekend, but I was under the weather and watched the kids put the ornaments on. Of course, there was the occasional, "maybe don't put all the red bulbs in the same spot? Move them around. Look for an empty space," discussion, but overall, it looks great!

  7. You know what? We DON'T like the Christmas hoopla.

    My favorite?
    Setting up the manger, a CD of favorite hymns, and pondering the wonder of The Child.

    So…we may get the tree up by the 15th. But the manger…
    ANY DAY!

  8. 12 feet? Wow! That's tall. I don't think after Thanksgiving is too early – more time to enjoy.

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