On Being Pregnant

I know being pregnant is a blessing. Really, I do. It’s an incredible privilege to carry this tiny baby in my womb for nine months, his every kick a reminder of his growth and spirit and of this gift.

But that aside, I hate it. Pregnancy sucks. And since I’m in a wallowing mood today, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m feeling all blessed and sentimental when I’m really feeling pretty bitter that I still have four more months to go. So allow me to wallow for a bit. (I promise, I’ll cut the complaining next week… or at least in May once my sweet little boy decides to make his debut.)

8 Reasons I’m Hating This Pregnancy Right Now:

1. I’m already huge. I weigh more right now than I did when my daughter was born which doesn’t bode well for the next four months. I’d like to think that all this sudden weight gain is water weight, but I’m guessing the box of doughnut holes I picked up at Krispy Kreme the other day might be a contributing factor.

2. I already have to pee every 12 minutes or so. Which, again, doesn’t bode well for the next four months.

3. I’m sick of my maternity clothes already–and I just started having to wear them 3 weeks ago. I guess this is what happens when you’ve already worn them through 2 pregnancies.

4. I’m starving– but I only crave things with sour cream. (And, since I’m in a confessing mood, the sour-cream-on-a-spoon snacks I’ve been having may have something to do with #1 as well.)

5. I haven’t even thought about baby names, assembling the crib or pulling those long-stored boxes of boy baby clothes out of the attic and washing them. This seems reasonable to me, but two of my close friends are due when I am and they’ve already chosen names, bought cribs, registered, done everything. I feel like a slacker.

6. I just found out that my crib has been recalled and my infant seat is expired. And here I thought I was going to be able to skate through without buying any new baby gear this time.

7. The mere smell of coffee has made me sick for five months now. That means five months without a caffiene fix. I miss my cafe lattes!

8. My maternity pants feel tight (see #1). Ouch!

Question for you: What do you loathe about pregnancy? (Or if you’re one of those chipper gals who actually likes pregnancy, tell me what you like, but don’t expect me to get all gushy with you about it.)


  1. I hated having to take those prenatal vitamins when every time I tried to take them, I threw them back up!

  2. I was not a "chipper gal" because I couldn't swallow the prenatal vitamins, I hated how much feet were so swollen and I hated buying maternity clothes because I looked like a beached whale instead of a "chipper" prego momma! The end results were all worth it though.

    By the way, I never received a copy of your book to review. Just thought I'd let you know!

  3. I hated that no one would say hi to me, but instead the first words out of their mouth was "you are HUGE!". Boy did that set me off!

  4. You poor thing. I had a hard pregnancy too: 17 weeks of constant nauseau without the purging, followed by debilitating carpel tunnel in both wrists that had me in double splints and asking my husband to cut my meat for me…

    The joys of growing a baby are often outshone by physical discomfort. The good news is, most of the time when I look at my son i don't even remember how horrible those months were.

    They're worth it.

    Big hugs and prayers to you!

  5. I feel for you girl. When I was pregnant with my fourth, I wanted to slap our pastors really old mother when she said, "WOW, you must have twins in there." He also didn't have a name when he was born. xo- B.

  6. I'm hating that every time I tell someone I'm starting to feel better, I follow that with a day of feeling awful. I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Maybe if I say I'm awful, I'll have a good day…hmmmm….

  7. I have never been pregnant but I would say that the majority of my friends are similar to you! They did not enjoy it either! So you are not alone!!!

  8. I forced myself to write down every single discomfort, irritation, pain with baby #3 so I wouldn't forget and want a #4. I tend to look back on pregnancy as a dreamy, glowy time, so I wanted proof of the contrary in writing.

    Here's what I remember off the top of my head: a burning sensation across my ribcage from month four on, a pinched sciatic nerve that KILLED for my entire 2nd trimester, ZITS, realizing at month eight that I'd already outgrown Old Navy's maternity size XL…

    I loooooooved being pregnant though.

  9. My one-and-only turned 20 on New Year's Day, but I can still remember the nine and a half months of morning (noon and night) sickness I suffered. Not fun.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing a wallowing mood, Erin. I wonder if the "no caffeine" part of #7 has anything to do with it. Hmm.

  10. Hurling, not seeing my feet, my husband hounding me for ***

  11. The heartburn killed me!

  12. Congrats on being pregnant!! I didn't know!

  13. No Motrin. That was the first thing I packed in the hospital bag and the first thing I asked for after the epidural wore off. ahhhhhh….the power of Ibuprofen. Better living though medicine :)

  14. Since I have 8 weeks and 5 days left on our 3rd, I'll say (as I sit here on my heating pad) that currently I loathe not being able to take good pain meds. Why wait until labor for the epidural?! :)

  15. Hmmmm, I have such a long list. Where to start?

    I hated how all my maternity clothes had stripes or bows. I felt like a gift-wrapped elephant. I hated how I weighed more than my husband by the time delivery day came. And, I hated heartburn-NASA could've used my saliva for jet fuel.

    What did I love?

    I LOVED feeling my babies move inside me. I LOVED pushing on my tummy and feeling them nudge me back. I LOVED giving birth. I really did. I LOVED the first moments alone with my new baby, thanking God for this precious life He'd entrusted to me, then watching my pink chubby baby nuzzle into me and softly breathe their baby breath against me.

    I wish I could turn back the clock…only for a day mind you!

  16. I hated the heartburn! Also, my daughter wedged herself into my left ribcage for about 2 weeks. No matter what I did to try to get her to move over, there she stayed. It was so uncomfortable!

    One thing I loved was that when I was pregnant with her, we took a vacation to Maine, and I felt like I could eat as much lobster as I wanted!

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