Ode to the Pregnancy Pillow

I do not understand how pregnant women survived back in the olden days before the advent of the Snoogle maternity pillow.

How did they sleep? How did they get comfortable? How did they manage to support their blossoming bellies and their swollen ankles and their stiff backs? And, how did they manage to survive each and every pregnant night without chastising their husbands for being too hot and bony? (Not that I know anything about that.)

My husband told me the other day that he thinks I like snuggling with my Snoogle more than I like snuggling with him. I denied it, but the truth is he’s completely right. If we’re talking about warm, snuggling pregnancy comfort, my Snoogle wins hands down.

I know there will come a day that I have to put the Snoogle back into storage for the sake of my marriage– but for now, I’ll revel in the fact that at least I can be (somewhat) comfortable at night even though I’m huge and pregnant and have to pee every three minutes. Thank you Snoogle.

Question for you: How did you sleep when you were pregnant? And, more importantly, how long did it take you to give up your Snoogle after you had your baby?


  1. I've never heard of that. I would have loved to have a Snoogle. I slept with four pillows I was always re-situating.

  2. Oh lord. This is bad. With my last pregnancy I slept with two body pillows. One on either side. So when I rolled over I didn't have to take anything with me. And geez, this is so bad. My baby is two and I STILL sleep with them. A couple of nights a week I try to start out without one in the middle of the bed but it NEVER fails, I end up getting up and putting them back because I can't sleep without them. I am totally addicted. My husband makes fun of me all the time. And OF COURSE we would rather snuggle with a pillow. Pillows don't SWEAT or have hands!

  3. I could not have made it without my snoogle! It didn't make my hubby too happy because he felt like it replaced him, but he's not a very good cuddler so I think it was his fault.

  4. Never heard of a snoogle. Wow! The things they've invented since I had my last child 19 years ago almost make me want to have another one. Wait. No. That was just a moment. It's gone now. 😉

  5. For the last few months of my pregnancies, because my belly was so big, I slept in a recliner. My husband couldn't fit it in either. :) But do tell, where do you put the snoogle when you sleep?

  6. Jeff called my pregnancy pillow the "Great Wall of China." And to be completely honest, it was a much better snuggler to my over-sized belly and aching back than he was. :)

  7. Which pillow is very comfort in pregnancy time?