Snow in Austin!

I know, I know. Our measly quarter inch of snow is nothing compared to what all of you New Yorkers and Oregonians and Midwesterners have been dealing with for months now… but still. We have snow. In central Texas.

I’ve lived here for almost 10 years and while I remember a few times that we had snow flurries and one time where we had a light dusting, this is the first time I’ve seen actual snow stick to the ground. And a lot of it. By Texas standards. Enough to make a snowball. Or a miniature snowman. Or an ice fort for a Star Wars guy.

My kids have only seen snow once before– when we went to Oregon to visit Grandma– so this is a HUGE deal. Of course, since we’re not really cold weather folks, we don’t own things like hats and gloves and ski jackets. So, I sent my warm-weather kids outside in the warmest clothes they had. They lasted about 10 minutes. And my son just told me, “Mommy, snow is really cold? When’s it going to be warm out again?”


  1. We live in Florida, so while we've had some seriously cold nights (in the 20's), our state has been spared the snow. But I'm a Michigan girl and STILL miss it, as does the entire family.

    That said, I can honestly tell you I don't miss shoveling our driveway.

    Glad your kiddos had fun in the snow–even if it was only 10 minutes worth.

  2. Yep. Snow is cold…but offers a memorable experience for your kids!

  3. That's so cute! That sounds like my husband and I the past few months trying to get used to the weather in Durham after moving from sunny CA! We were not prepared! In fact he didn't even get a warm winter coat until it had already snowed twice here. We are so in over heads with this stuff! :)

  4. It reminds me of that saying, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes."

  5. I hope y'all are enjoying the cold white stuff! It never snows where I live. I have to take a nice drive to see it.

  6. That comment by your son made me LOL =D -Yep we've gotten record breaking amounts of snow around here – and it's snowing again today! It's kinda fun but, I'm ready to get back to normal life :)

  7. Enjoy the snow! I've been smiling every time I read about the snow down in our southern states. Last year we had 44 inches of snow, so I'm glad to let someone else enjoy it this year!

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