A “Broken Eye” and The Romance of Valentine’s Day

Joey had a little accident at school yesterday. He fell off of the top of the playground face-first and smashed up his nose and face. The doctor says there is a slight hairline fracture to the side of the eye socket. It’s really no big deal– just a little ice and r&r and he should be no worse for the wear. I’d take a picture and post it, but I promised him I wouldn’t. He doesn’t want anyone to see his nose because it “looks funny”.

After it happened, the school called me and since my mom works in the building next-door, I sent her over to investigate. When she got there, he was crying. But not because he hurt, but because he was worried he was going to miss his Valentine’s Day party. According to him, “the girls are really “bumantic” (5-year-old speak for romantic) on Valentine’s Day and they all colored him cards and he didn’t want to leave school because he was going to chase them on the playground later.” With an excuse like that, we let him stay, swollen nose and all.

He explained to me later that the girls were really going to want to chase him now that he has a “broken eye”. He’s going to use this to his full advantage. I’m starting to feel sorry for these poor girls.


  1. Aw, so sorry to hear this! But what a cutie! Sounds like he's got the ladies fawning over him already…Look out in 10 years, Mom! :)

  2. Hope your little man recovers soon! He is a cutie!

  3. Bless his heart ~ at least he got to enjoy Valentine's Day despite it all. We will be praying it heals well with no further problems. Your book review/giveaway goes live on my blog tomorrow!!

  4. They must be putty in his hands at this point. Too cute, but I'm so sorry that he got hurt.

  5. SO adorable. Sounds like you've got a lady-killer on your hands.

  6. He already knows how to work it with the girls. Hilarious. Hope he heals doubly fast. xo- B.

  7. Little Joey's got game. Awesome.

  8. oh my goodness that is such a cute story! thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute story and smart boy!

  10. How cute is that? The ladies definitely need to watch out for this bumantic fellow.
    Our youngest son Willy got crashed into at school a few weeks ago by another child and had the worst black eye. It turned a deep purple. I'd never seen anything like it. He barely noticed!

  11. So glad to hear that he survived the accident, Erin. My oldest had teeth knocked out and my youngest gave himself two concusions. They live through them, but they sure do give us a lot of fearful moments at times.
    Have a great week,

  12. sorry to hear about him, but boy is he cute! it's so cute and funny to hear what kids say so innocently. hope all heals nicely.

  13. Ahww -Broken eye! Sounds like he's making the most out of it though 😉 I'm glad my son didn't miss his V-day party -He was fine until mon. night when he started complaining about his ear -and his B-day was today -So, took him to the Dr. Tues -making sure to get him all fixed up before his B-day :)

  14. Little Romeo in the making. Look out!

    Just wanted to let you know I posted your review today. Thanks for the memories! I loved my pregnancies.
    ~ Wendy

  15. Sounds like it'd be best if he and MY kindergartner never meet! She'd be more than happy to chase him around the playground, broken eye or not!

  16. Hi Erin,

    Long time since I've visited and we last talked. Congrats on your book. How can I get a copy? I have a christian friend who is due to have a baby soon. Thanks.


  17. BTW … very cute story! Your son has ladies man written all over him!


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