I Have A Chocolate Problem

My friend Teresa gave me a huge bag of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. And not just any chocolates, but really yummy chocolate like Ghiradelli Squares, those yummy round Lindt balls and Hershey’s Bars. But, I have a problem. I can’t stop eating them.

I told myself when my daughter was throwing a massive screaming fit in the car because her seat belt was twisted (cause that’s a reason to cry) that I could treat myself to one piece after the kids started napping. But I ate one. And then another. And now I’m sitting here staring at six empty wrappers on the coffee table in front of me and wondering why I have no willpower at all.

Someone help me! Or at least come steal my chocolate bag from me before I eat the whole thing!


  1. I can't help you, Erin. I have the same problem. LOL. That's why I gave up chocolate. Sadly, shortbread, my latest treat, is almost as hard to resist. =)

  2. i have been on a chocolate kick lately too. are you a milk chocolate or dark chocolate fan? there are actually studies about the health benefits of dark chocolate, if it makes you feel any better! :)

  3. I got an entire bag of the Lindt white chocolate truffles for Christmas. I ate the whole bag by myself and even hid them so no one else would find them. I'm with you….I can never stop at one! Enjoy them

  4. I'm not the one to help you. I have no control over my chocolate impulses.

  5. Look at it this way: I've heard caffeine is good for the baby when you're pregnant!

  6. Only six?

  7. I'm happy to help you! Finish the bag, that is. We're in 5th birthday city around here this week. I'm overdosing on cake. And the party is not until Saturday.

  8. I can say no to chocolate but peanut MnMs – forget it! I try not to keep them in the house!

  9. Enjoy the fact that you're pregnant and you can!

  10. Ha! I did the same thing and I'm not even pregnant. But, hormones did play a part so I have an excuse too. xo

  11. You are pregnant. Enjoy. I, however, am attempting to lose my "baby weight". From having my 2-year-old. Not cute. Send Angie some chocolate if you need help finishing the bag, she's skinny!

  12. I'm feeling the exact same way… so much chocolate. I was given peanut butter cups for Valentine's Day, as well as milk chocolate hearts. And a big heart-shaped Dove chocolate. I also have some MnMs and a king-sized Hershey bar. And I won't even mention the Nutella in the cabinet that's just as tempting as regular chocolate.

    I think Valentine's Day and chocolate just sort of go together. Hopefully, though, once this month has passed, I can put all of it away and take a break from chocolate for a while… maybe. đŸ˜‰

  13. It's best if you just consume them in one sitting. I didn't say it was safe….

  14. I have no pregnancy excuse… but I have been enjoying the chocolate lately, too. It's just that time of year I guess?

  15. No excuse here! All I can say is hide it in a cabinet that is hard to reach. That what I had to do with lots of the chocolate that I got for Christmas. Including 3 bags of dark chocolate kisses.

  16. Oh… put them into a clear glass jar (with a noisy lid, so sneaking is obvious to all) and turn them into Fuss Stoppers. Tell the kids that whoever stops a fuss gets one (even if it's you). As soon as a fuss begins, call out, "Who's going to stop this fuss?" Works wonders.

  17. It's ok. You are not alone. You are in good company!!!

    And you must be so excited for next week! I am traveling next week so my blogging will be touch and go. Let me know how I can help, and don't be afraid to bug me if I don't respond. Can I do a give-away/book review on my blog (maybe the following week)? I can also be active on Twitter–even when I'm on the road!