The Dress

Today, I’m going to have to take a break from blogging about serious topics (you know, like chocolate) to talk about something even more important: a little black dress.

Guys, go ahead and click that little red X now.

Girls, my book release party is next week. And, my sweet and sensitive husband told me last week that he thought a new outfit was in order. Which made me very, very excited until I realized that I’m 6 months pregnant and any dress I buy will be a maternity dress. And the fact that I will not only be huge and pregnant at the party, but that any dress I buy will be relocated to the Goodwill bin in a couple months pretty much sucked the fun out of my shopping trip. But, since I have to wear something, I went to the mall and tried on every single dress I saw and finally found one that I liked. Sort of.

Here’s the problem: I’m having self-confidence issues. And, with that in mind, I’m going to do the one thing that any girl in my situation would do: Tell everyone and anyone that I think it makes my boobs look too big and my butt look wide so that when they see me at the party, they’ll notice the flaws that they never would’ve even considered had I not mentioned them. Good plan, right?

So, anyway, now that I’ve divulged that little tidbit, I need your advice. The dress in the picture above is the real dress but the model in the picture above is NOT me. So, imagine that dress on someone who is about 3 sizes bigger in the chest. And perhaps slightly larger in the hips and waist. Got that image in your mind?

Okay, now, here’s where you come in. Should I:

1) Wear the dress as is and realize that no one else is going to say or think anything about it?
2) Buy a belt– maybe something flashy like silver or red– to highlight my rib cage which happens to be the only part of me that doesn’t have a two-inch thick layer of fat?
3) Buy a scarf– again, something flashy but not trashy– to cover up the bust?
4) Return the dress and go look for a new one?

Advice please?


  1. Aww… I bet you look beautiful!! First of all, I don't know the first thing about fashion. And second of all, I don't have enough on top to pull off any kind of little black dress. However, since you asked, I think a belt would be cute! Or a scarf! And go red!

    Wish I could make it to your party!

  2. wear it and don't mention the flaws you might believe to be true. In junior high I adopted a fashion maxim, don't like it, don't look. =) (for other people)

  3. Wear the dress, and enjoy your release party. We tend to be far more aware of our perceived inadequacies. I feel certain that what your guests will be focused on is you, your book, and the mega watt smile you'll be sporting.

    Besides, since your book is about being having a baby, what better way to appear at your party than as a happy mommy-to-be. Think of the credibility you'll have. =)

  4. I think the dress looks really flattering. I say keep looking since you're not completely satisfied but if you end up wearing this one I think it will look great!

  5. I like the dress, and I think you should also arch your back and cock your knee when you stand by your book, for effect. And don't forget those ten inch heels.(Seriously, does anyone think that woman's really pregnant? Just sayin') Anyway, I'm sure you'll look wonderful and will be glowing in the light of your new book (Yay!)

    I had to give a talk when I was 6 months pregnant and huge, and I spent a little too much money at one of those boutique stores. But the outfit made me feel quite sassy, so I considered it a worthwhile expense.

  6. Pregnant women are gorgeous, big boobs and all, so just wear the little black dress. But I'd skip the shoes if I were you. I can almost guarantee that everybody in the room will tell you how great you look.

  7. The dress looks really cute. And black slims, doesn't it? If you're really self conscious buy a fancy scarf that still matches – you can always ditch it.

  8. I think you'll look fine! You're not going down a model runway. You're a real person who has a lovely pregnant body. Having said that, my first impression when I saw the photo was that it looked like a slip. (I know, bad me, but then, I think most short dresses these days look like slips.)

    I'd definitely brighten it up with a scarf or a dash of color (belt, whatever) cuz black is so somber. But it sorta depends on the formality of your party, too. :)

  9. I'd say just wear it and maybe carry a pretty bag or add that scarf to detract from whatever you might feel a little uncomfortable about, but I'm sure you'll look adorable! Besides, pregnant women always get a pass because they're adorable!

  10. Erin, I'm rather new to your blog, but you're speaking my language. I'm no fashionista, but I DO love clothes. And I adore that dress. :)

    You'd need the right scarf with that dress. It looks chiffon-y at the bottom, so it would need to be lightweight, IMO. I admit a fondness for silver, and could picture a light, silvery scarf with silver sandals, perhaps?

    I would skip the belt. I think it would compete with the accent at the bottom, and create too many horizontal lines.

    I'd also love to see this dress with some awesome bangle bracelets and long earrings. In the spring or summer, it would look fabulous with some of the new flower accents for hair that are all the rage too. Wrap up the 'do in a chignon and pin a silver and black flower next to your nape.

    **Sigh** I love clothes! Maybe it shows? Anyway, enjoy this gorgeous dress and have a great time at your event! God bless.

  11. Add a little sparkle or some color. You're definitely going to rock that dress and look gorgeous! Enjoy your party, you earned it!

  12. Erin- you are just so cute, and people LOVE when a pregnant girl goes for a fancy dress. I think we all feel we have to make up for the terrible maternity fashions of our foremothers (not a word). It's just a win-win situation. Take a scarf (definitely red) if it makes you feel better, but you probably won't need it.
    Own it.

  13. I bet the dress will look great and personally, I always tend to veer towards black anyways! Rock the smokey eye look and get an awesome pair of funky and fun shoes that you can wear after bambino #3 makes his/her (what are you having :) debut! Also, get some awesome jewelry to accessorize with and you will be the hippest mama there! Have a blast!

  14. Pretty! Add some sassy shoes and call it complete. :) As far as being maternity, that's nothing a little needle and thread (or really good tailor) can't change.

  15. That does NOT sound like fun shopping. I'd not recommend adding a belt. I think it'll draw more attention to what you're already concerned about. Scarf would be a pretty pop but see how it looks with the dress. You know… if you're having a hard time deciding you can email me pics of you IN it. 😉

  16. I'm a new reader, so hopefully you won't find my commenting weird. When I was pregnant with my son and feeling huge, I would remind myself that all of my huge parts were part of something incredible- growing a new human being. I would tell myself what a beautiful thing that was, and calm myself down about my size.

    I invite you to do the same; don't focus on your flaws but the amazing thing your body is doing. Growing a child is such a blessing! Wear your dress proudly because, hello, book party! :) Know that you will surely be a beautiful, pregnant author and rock it!

    I love that dress by the way. I'd add some nice statement accessories and call it good. Best of luck!

  17. Oh, sweetie, you're gorgeous! Just add some bling.

  18. Skip the belt. Maybe a little glittery/shiny scarf?

    Don't find another one though – this is perfect.

  19. I think you'll look great -you could probably wear it as is – or maybe go with option 2 -wear a belt! How exciting -Good Luck!
    Oh also -not sure if you got my email -I still haven't gotten the book yet.

  20. Agreed, you will be stunning! If you don't feel at least a little cute in the dress I'd find something else. If that's an accessory then yay, if not I say find something that makes you feel sassy and just remember that every one there is going to be so happy for you and LOVE you and they are ALL going to think you look great!

  21. You'll look amazing in the dress! Look forward to celebrating with you!

  22. 1. You are smart and accomplished.
    2. You are having a BOOK RELEASE party!!!
    3. DId I mention that you are smart and accomplished.
    4. And, you could show up in a gunny sack or a mumu or a designer dress. It doesn't matter because you are beautiful through and through You will always turn heads because your beauty goes beyond the pretty face, and snappy outfit. Your sweet personality`will compliment whatever accessories you choose to add to the dress (though I suggest a big flower pin like the one here and a fun purse).
    5. Have a great time Erin.

  23. Girl, there is no more beautiful body than a pregnant one! Wear the dress you picked out and don't mention anything to anyone about the places on your body that you're less than pleased with (and by the way, it was really sweet of your husband to suggest you buy a new dress for the occassion!) It's just so awesome that you have a book out and that this is your party to celebrate! Just enjoy yourself and accept all the compliments people throw your way!

  24. Erin, a woman is never more beautiful than when she is carrying and growing a baby! Enjoy your party! Sorry I can't be there to help you celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

  25. Well just from my experiences…if I don't feel comfortable in what I'm wearing, I lose my self confidence. I'm about 6 months along too….and HUGE so I know how you feel. It takes all the fun out of shopping :(

  26. That dress looks pretty awesome!


  27. Oh, wow, I am weighing in (get it:)) WAY too late, but I say WEAR IT!!!!

    I think it's amazing, and I just pray you FEEL pretty in it on THAT DAY. or wait!! You said NEXT WEEK? IS the day upon us or in the rearview mirror?

    Blessings, dear one. You go!!!