In Pursuit of Sleep

As if it’s not already unfair that I’m pregnant and huge and wake up every 12 seconds to pee, my daughter has decided to stop sleeping. And she figures that if she’s not sleeping, she might as well trod down the dark staircase to my room and wake me up as well.

Last night, she came down at 2 am because she couldn’t find her sunglasses. You know, cause it’s super sunny in her room in the middle of the night.

At 3 am, she wanted to tell me that she didn’t like her pajama shirt. It wasn’t as pretty as the one that was in the wash.

And, at 4 am, she wanted to see if Jack (our dog) was sleeping on his dog bed.

All superimportant middle-of-the-night ventures as you can see.

I’m going nuts. She’s tired. My husband is cranky. I’m tired and cranky and flat-out mad that I’m already losing sleep and my baby hasn’t even been born yet.

Does anyone have any advice?

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  1. I wonder if this is her unconscious reaction to needing a little bit more of you before the new baby arrives? I really don't know at all, but that just popped in my head.

  2. yes, I agree… I think it's the start of needing attention. I would go crazy too. I know this might sound harsh, but I would nip it in the butt (so to speak), before it gets out of hand. It can't continue, for your sanity, your husbands, and your daughters. How to resolve it? hm… maybe lock your door. or put a child proof door knob on hers. She will probably freak out for a night or two, but then she will understand (then you can stop locking your door or take her child proof knob off. OR… try positive reinforcement… Like… give her an incentive… "if you stay in your room, all night, then tomorrow we can…"
    Good luck! hope you can get some much needed sleep. and this transition can go well for you all. prayers!

  3. Kind of like blueviolet, I wondered if the tension of all the change recently (babies, books, etc) has subconsciously caused her some stress?

    Our son has had some similar issues recently after the earthquakes here that rocked some friends and family of ours (and we watched too much coverage on the news the first couple of days).

    When he has woken I've put him back in bed and we've prayed together about feeling safe and knowing how much God loves us – and STAYING asleep. Then we started preemptive "no nightmares" and "no feeling icky" prayers at bedtime… God is merciful. He's slept through the past two nights.

    We'll pray for you guys tonight – for lots and lots of good, healthy, sustained sleep!

  4. Erin,
    A lady in our church has already read your book and has sent me a short review of it to post on my blog. I'll make a few comments with it, too. She sent it to me today but I couldn't open it, otherwise I would have posted it today. But, it will be soon. wb

  5. Uggh! I have no advice except that "this too shall pass." I hope your sweetheart conks out for a full twelve hours!

  6. Um hello? She's doing her part by training you for a newborn. =)

  7. I have no advice except to say I wouldn't be one advocating for locking her in her room. Besides the obvios traumatic possibilities, there are the safety risks; I.e. what would happen if there were a fire, etc.

    Anyway! I feel your sleepless pain! I will keep you in my prayers and hope y'all can get a little rest!

  8. Hey Erin, exciting to hear about your book! No advice. But if it makes you feel any better we are expecting baby no.3 in may and our 3 year old has been doing the same thing for the last two weeks. Between him getting up and me needing the bathroom I don't think I have slept more than an hour at a time. Let me know if you find the magic fix! Congratulations on everything!

  9. Hmmm. When we need our kids to stay in bed, we set up a sticker reward chart. After 3 or 4 successful nights with four stickers, they get a prize. Make it something they LOVE. Then, extend the days to 7. Seven stickers, another prize. It costs some money, but you'll sleep again and then she'll get in the habit of staying in her bed. Good luck.

  10. Oh, I could not handle that. Even when my girl was a newborn she slept in nice four-hour chunks from the beginning.

    She is probably nervous about the baby/life changes. But still, I would have to figure out something or lose it! Sleep is too precious. Sorry I don't have any great ideas. Mine are barbaric–for example, we let our daughter watch "Nanny McPhee" when she was three, and then I would tell her that the "witch nanny" came to get little children who would not stay in bed. LOL! It did not scar her for life.

  11. This is a tough one! I'm tempted to say that you just pull your daughter into bed with you when she shows up in the middle of the night, so you, hubby, and she can all get some sleep. I'd just make sure she knows that she's on her own when baby comes!

  12. I think there's some great advice here. Just wanted to say I'm hoping you'll be getting some sleep soon!!!

  13. Goodness! All I could offer are platitudes you don't need to hear right now. I'm wishing you the best, though! (And a nap here and there…)

  14. Poped over from Susan's just to check your space out! Your book sounds great.

  15. You crack me up! I saw Marla post something about your book on Facebook. But today I was combing through my new copy of Daily Guideposts Your First Year of Motherhood and realized I know who you are! You are one of the fellow moms who wrote the book. Congrats on your Christian Mama book, too! Wow, girl. I'm impressed. You are all over the place. :) Nice to virtual meet you.

    Carol Hatcher

  16. I hope you get sleep soon!

  17. I have trouble keeping my 2 year old daughter in bed when we 1st lay her down for the night. I've turned off the breaker switch so she can't turn her light on so she plays in the dark until she eventually falls asleep at the door. We put her back in bed for the night. For some reason she hasn't yet figured out that she can open the door and come out even though she can open all the other doors, maybe she realizes she's supposed to stay in for the night. I don't want to lock her in. My only advise would be to wear you little one out during the day and I know that can be tough in the final stages of pregnancy so I hope there is a place you can take her to run wild. Good luck and let us know what works!

    Visiting from Susans blog.

  18. You could try putting her to bed earlier, like 7:30 instead of 8:30 or 9 (maybe you already do this). Maybe she's overtired! Also trying an earlier nap, like 1 pm. When my baby gets overtired, she sleeps terribly.