Brain Fry & A Great Review

I’ve literally written and deleted potential blog posts three times today… and finally I’ve decided that I’m just not up to it. It’s one of those days where my brain is fried (and my sick three-year-old is frying it more by the minute) and I’m just not up to posting. So, happy Thursday! I’ll post something super witty and fabulous next week (or so I hope!)

So, just to give you a LITTLE bit of reading material, my friend Warren Baldwin has a fun book review for my book posted on his blog today. It was written by a woman at his church named Holly and although I’ve never met her, I *love* her. Anyway, here it is.

AND, in case you haven’t already read about my book ad nauseum, my sister Alisa just posted a review and giveaway on her blog. Head over to enter to win a free copy!

See you Tuesday!


  1. You and I are in the same spot, sister. I just don't have any excuse like you do. E-mailing you here in a bit. Just one more thing I've been putting off for no reason. Prayed for you just now!

  2. Oh sweetheart. That's hard. I pray you and yours get better. Sucky weeks are going around like a bad computer virus.

    Feel better. And I'm holding you to something witty next week : )


  3. What a GREAT review–and SOOOO true!

  4. You are entitled to some brain fry moments. :)

  5. Praying, praying, praying… Hugs.

  6. Keep being honest… writer moms with little monkeys swinging from their limbs need to hear it.

  7. Oh no! Bitsy's sick? I hope she feels better soon!

  8. I'm glad you took the time to let that brain relax.

    I am super excited because one of my cousins-in-law is pregnant! I just asked for her address so I can send her your book!!!!


  9. Have a great weekend!

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