Something Witty and WINNERS!

I promised you something witty last week and I’m not going to deliver. I got nothing. Unless you count the worn-out Star Wars jokes that my son keeps telling me as witty. I don’t. So, instead, I’m going to leave you with a list that should demonstrate pretty clearly where I’m at in life right now.

8 Things I’ve Done Today That Prove My State of Mind

1. We went to Target this morning to buy laundry detergent and toilet paper. I walked out with pink cowboy boots for my daughter, malted milk eggs and flowery headbands.

2. I ate 15 of the aforementioned eggs in the car on the way home and then gave each of my kids a handful each just to get them to stop pestering each other. Obviously, I’m not above bribery.

3. On the way home, my daughter decided she wanted a kitten. Then my son decided he wanted a hamster. I said no. They whined. So, what did I do? Took them to the pet store, of course. I figured it would buy me some time to eat my chocolate eggs in peace while they looked at the animals.

4. I considered buying them each their pet of choice. Until I looked at the hamster cages and realized that I would be the one cleaning it. Moment of weakness averted.

5. On the way home, I got thirsty. So, I stopped at Starbucks. And got myself a Frappucino. As if I hadn’t already had enough sugar.

6. Once home, I decided that making PB & J was too much trouble so I took a bag of shredded cheese, a carton of turkey and a bag of baby carrots out of the fridge and told my kids it was “make-your-own-lunch” day. They looked at me like I was crazy. But they ate.

7. I then decided to extend “make-your-own-lunch” day to “tuck-yourself-in-for-naps-alone-day”. They were on their own. I kissed them on the way up the stairs and you know what, they’re fine. I’m pretty sure they both fell asleep, too. Not that I’ve gotten up the energy to drag myself up off the stairs to check.

8. I googled “babies born at 32 weeks” just to see what would really happen if I had this baby now. Turns out it’s not a great idea. I stopped praying that I would go into premature labor and instead started praying that God would give me the peace and grace to survive eight more weeks.

Question for you: How did you survive your last trimester? And please say I’m not the only one who is living in a bitter, sugar-fueled blur of pregnancy hormones.

AND, last but not least, the winners of the CHASING SUPERWOMAN giveaway from last week are Jenny Sulpizio and Emily Kacmarynski. Email me your addresses at and we’ll get your books sent! Congrats!


  1. I took it easy during my last trimester, although it was so much better than my first trimester. I had contractions during the last couple of weeks before I delivered.

    And I always love sugar – pregnant or not! :)

  2. LOL! Love #8 because I have done that as well…even tempted myself with castor oil and raspberry leaf tea at week 36 since I was officially done "baking" (no such luck-they all stayed in 40+ weeks. :)

    Just stay in survival mode and go buy another bag of the malted eggs…throw in a few peanut butter cups next time too. That always makes everything feel better. :)

  3. Sounds like an excellent day to me!

    During my 3rd trimester I found a lot of ways to skip out of work early to drive down and watch the progress on the house we were building. I mean, drywall is SO exciting and work was definitely not enough to hold my attention.

  4. I had all the symptoms of post partum depression the last 8 weeks – everything but hurt myself. You can do it!

  5. Oh how I wish that hormone induced sugar-fuled bitterness would finally go away. it's been 9 long years. Also, I hated each day of my last trimester. Sorry. šŸ˜‰

  6. Haha, I'm totally instituting make-your-own-lunch and tuck-yourself-into-nap-alone days! My last trimester was miserable too, but I didn't have any kiddos so I could sit around and drink Sonic slushies and watch International Househunters reruns:)

  7. LOL, I really relate to this post. I'm not a mom yet–this is my first–but I live on sugar. I have 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream every night and many other sources of sugar throughout the day. At least you only have 8 weeks…I have 12…


  8. My 5-year-old has those pink cowboy boots from Target. She LOVES them.

    And my girls are BEGGING for turtles right now. I'm not a pet person, but I'm considering this one.

  9. Those days are a complete blur to me now, but somehow all the children survived my mothering lapses. :) Yours will too.

  10. Hang in there! You're almost done. But for now…enjoy all the malt balls you want. šŸ˜‰

  11. Moments of sugar weakness are completely normal. Example: I ate a bowl of chocolate ice-cream with dark chocolate syrup. I then had a Twix bar. WIth a glass of wine at a friend's house to make my loss at Scrabble more bearable.

    It is also Lent, though I am sure you know. I am also not pregnant, so yes, I have to fast. Above real scenario has just shown that I have already failed.

    It's okay, I feel like it was needed after the day I had!

    Also, when I was a kid we had hamsters – my mom still rues the day that she let us keep them. And the ensuing 12 babies that they had even though the store owner said they were both females.

  12. You are cracking me up here! I sorta hit a point in the last trimester where I got an energy burst and I really wasn't miserable anymore! Here's hoping!

  13. Last trimester. Ugh. Everyone kept saying, "can you believe it's almost time?? Time flies!" I kept thinking, are you serious? Time is DRAGGING for me. I can't even tell you how many nuggets I ate from McDonalds…that was the only thing I ever wanted. And sugar, yes, sugar.

  14. Love this! I would feed us all lunch, and then all pile up in my bed with a stack of books. Farther into the pregnancy, I would be the one falling asleep — and as I dozed off, would see my boys sliding down the side of the bed and making a run for it. Throughout the pregnancy, I was just pleased that each time I awoke the house wasn't on fire!!! You are a rock star, mama. Simply because you loved your gang with the grace you had today.

  15. I have no clue what kept me going!! I think I had days just like you. All I could think about was going into labor early too. boo. it didn't happen for me either. I tried walking a lot, and it still didn't work. so sorry! I do hope this time passes quickly for you. In the meantime, enjoy that yummy sugar!! how great that they have all the good easter candy out – just for you :)

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