Tales From a Doctor Stalker

I think my OB might be getting a teensy bit annoyed with me. Or a lot a bit annoyed with me. To set the record straight: she’s done NOTHING to indicate that she’s annoyed. In fact, every time I’ve seen her, she’s been incredibly kind and gracious and caring. But, if I were her, I’d be annoyed with me. So, I’m projecting.

It’s just that I am at that point in my pregnancy where every twinge, ache or pain feels like a worry. And, to top it all off, I’m utterly miserable, so sometimes I just call her or go into the office to tell her that. And to see if somehow she’s invented a miracle drug that will make the nausea and vomiting and weight gain and swelling and back pain all go away.

But, as much as I’d like to let go and chill out, I can’t. I’m too needy right now and she’s about the only person I can pay to listen to my whining and moaning. So she’s stuck. For eight more weeks. Or less if I can convince her to induce me early.

Question: Am I the only one who stalks my doctor when pregnant?


  1. I will totally let you pay ME and complain to me!! 😉 Hang in there! How much longer?

  2. I stalked McDonald's when I was pregnant. Your method is better! I'm so sorry you're miserable. The last five weeks of pregnancy with my youngest? Rough. I turned into a crazy mess! Hang in there!

  3. No, I never did that, but I'm sure you can't be alone!

  4. ha ha! you crack me up! (sorry, it's true. I am sure that you don't want to hear that; and I know you weren't doing it for my benefit, but I got a kick out of it.) I think if my doc wasn't a good 40 minute drive, I'd go in more often. but since it's so far away – I only go for emergency. So, my husband was my sounding board. he probably didn't love it either, but I thought – if I have to suffer, you can deal with my whining! :)

  5. I go to one of those offices that has like 8 OBs (literally–I counted the other day) so it's a bit impersonal. Actually, at my 20 week app't back in late January, the doctor I'd seen at least four or five times before didn't even remember me–she reintroduced herself to me! o_o That's when I realizes I was just a number there. And the last time I saw another one of the eight and he hardly let me tell him anything; he was in such a rush to get in and out I didn't think I'd be able to tell him anything! (I've been having some lightheaded moments and he left before I was able to ask…) I timed it–he was with me for two minutes and moved on.

    I guess I should be thankful I don't have anything major to worry about…but it would be nice if they treated me a little more personally there. Oh well. I've been blessed and the only issue I had was in the beginning where I was non-stop vomiting and they had to put me on Zofran for a few months.

  6. I did it…and I still do it with my kids' doctor, pestering them with phone calls for every little virus (especially with my first). I guess that's why the nurse is the gatekeeper!

  7. I didn't know you were hiring for a complaining listener! I'm in!

  8. You have a history which makes you worry…sounds like you have a wonderful doctor who understands that. I'll be counting down the days for/with you!

  9. You can complain to me for FREE, then in a couple months, I'll pay you back and complain to you :). What a deal!

  10. Awww, you doc sounds like a (patient) lovely person! :) Hang in there, girly, and grab another pint of Ben and Jerry's. Actually, I may just do that myself…

  11. I stalked…and then I stalked some more. It's so hard when you get to see these people for only 5 minutes once a month! You have tons of questions, lots of needs (no matter what pregnancy you're on), and are hoping to establish some sort of a relationship since they will be arm-deep into your privates fairly soon!

    I ALWAYS felt like I was bugging my midwives even though they never actually told me that. For the record, I was totally ok with being slightly annoying because in all honesty (and after watching a LOT of episodes of a "Baby Story," throughout my pregnancies), I knew there were a LOT more gals out there MUCH more annoying than me…feel better? :)

    Hang in there! Ooh-don't you hate when people say that? LOL!


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