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Here’s what people are saying about “The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby”

I loved reading Erin MacPherson’s The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby.  It’s chock full of sassy humor, practical tips and godly wisdom to navigate through the pregnancy maze with truth and grace.  I wished I could have given it to my daughter last year while she puked every day with morning sickness and struggled to respond kindly to her friends who swore she was so big she must be having twins.   Even now, she can’t wait to read it.Leslie Vernick
With a touch of humor and spiritual encouragement, Erin guides women through every phase of the pregnancy experience. She’s funny; she’s thorough; and she’s knowledgeable. But it’s her breezy and sassy girlfriend style that will put every first-time, pregnant mom-to-be completely at ease about what to expect, from conception to delivery–and beyond. She even includes the dads-to-be throughout, especially in her tongue-in-cheek chapter on “The Christian Daddy’s Guide.” -Rebecca Barlow Jordan, Speaker and Author of Day-votions™ for Mothers

MacPherson’s writing is tender, blunt, and hilarious.  She obviously reads the minds of expectant mothers!  The Christian Mama’s Guide is full of practical advice, humor, and spiritual insight.  MacPherson squarely tackles the questions that everyone is afraid to ask –especially Christians — ranging from sex, intimacy, exercise, and alcohol.  The Christian Mama’s Guide is decisive yet not dogmatic.  MacPherson provides a much-needed voice for today’s expectant mother who longs to follow God in a fast-paced and complex world — a mother who is savvy, excited, and often scared to death!  She comforts expectant mothers with the voice of a “big sister” that has gone before them.  I wish this book existed 10 years ago when I was expecting my first born.  While there is no lack of information for expectant mothers, there is clearly a lack of spiritual mentoring — MacPherson takes an important step to bridge the mentoring gap for expectant mothers.  — Susan DiMickele, author of Chasing Superwoman

Erin MacPherson brings wit and humor to the usual pregnancy woes. I found myself laughing over and over, and wishing I’d had this book to guide me through my pregnancies. Through it all, Erin points expectant mama’s to God and his involvement in each step of having a baby.Jody Hedlund— author of “The Preacher’s Bride”
“The Christian Mama’s Guide is the resource I wish I had when my kids were born. It’s like being able to have your mom, your best friend, and that nice nurse from the hospital (you know, the one who told you to sleep,) with you all the time. With tons of practical advice, been-there-done-that knowhow and an extra helping of grace, this book is now my go-to baby shower gift.” Kathi Lipp – Author of The Husband Project

Author Erin MacPherson has done a masterful job at distilling the entire pregnancy experience into an accurate, complete, and entertaining work.  I wholeheartedly applaud her effort, and I predict that her book will have a huge impact on the women who read it.– Dr. Patrick Pevoto, OB/GYN


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