Mother’s Day Week Extravaganzzzzza

Mother’s Day is too important to just last one day… so this week, I’m having a Mother’s Day extravaganzzzzza. Every day this week I’ll be posting a fun new for-mom-only prize and every day, I’ll draw a new winner. So come back every day to see if you won and to enter for the next day.


A $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO Chocomize where you can create your OWN chocolate bar creation (that you don’t have to share with ANYONE else!)  Dark chocolate, bacon and sour patch kids, anyone?




*  Just leave a comment on my blog telling me about your favorite type of chocolate (or the combo you’d create if you won)

Extra Entries:

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  1. My favorite is a s’more. The chocolate, the marshmallow and the graham cracker… mmmmm. Extra yum if there’s a campfire involved. I wonder if they could put that in a chocolate bar?

  2. Mmm chocolate! My selection: milk chocolate, cinnamon, pecans, sour patch kids, toffee pieces and a generous coating of sprinkles! All for me, not my son or my husband!

  3. Chocolate?! Yes, please! With butter toasted peanuts and caramel pieces! Mmmm…

  4. Following you on twitter! (@weightwhat)

  5. I love Choxie!!!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog! And please enter me to win the chocolate! I’d get pure dark chocolate, like a Special Dark bar. YUM!

  7. Dark chocolate with hazelnuts or with dark chocolate ganache filling. Aaaaahhh….

  8. I fear mightily what could happen if I ever experience bacon and chocolate together. It could be my undoing!
    But I’d love to try!
    My cousin-in-law LOVED your book BTW. Thanks so much for putting good stuff out there. Now I just have to make sure more friends get pregnant so I can share it more!

    • I’m pretty sure it would be my undoing as well… strangely, it sounds amazing.

  9. I “liked” you on Facebook for an extra entry! :)

  10. Chocolate and peanut butter…mmmmm….yummmm! Hands down favorite are the Reese’s Easter eggs. I even let myself eat one (ok, well half of one) this year in honor of being pregnant. I’m pretty sure they baby loved it :)

    • A whole half?! The big question is: How did you stop?!

  11. I love dark chocolate with espresso beans! Kewps a tired mama going all day.

  12. What a fun week of contests! I am so all about Mother’s Day! I have a feeling I will get many things with hand prints *smiles* (the tip off was the blue paint on my first born’s hands today after school).
    Mmmmm, Cho-co-late.
    My sister received her PhD in the Netherlands and while she was there had both her children. My parents went to visit following the birth of the first one and for a special treat brought back an amazing box of handmade chocolates. Up until that time I thought Godiva were about the best chocolates in the world, but these made Godiva taste like those cheap Palmer chocolate bunnies (no offense to Palmer, my kids and husband love them!) I still dream about those chocolates…
    If I could create my own amazing chocolate I think it would be something with hazelnut, champagne and raspberries, yum.

  13. BTW, thank you so much for visiting my blog! It really blessed me!

    Hope your Mother’s Day is the best one yet!

  14. My favorite type of chocolate is dark chocolate with coconut! Yummy!

  15. Dark chocolate on anything is wonderful! Almonds or pistachios are particularly awesome, but I am pretty sure I really mean on anything…