Mother’s Day Giveaway #3 (And Yesterday’s WINNER!)

Congrats to 1 Happy Campa who won yesterday’s giveaway… send me your snail mail address to and I’ll get your book out!

Today’s Giveaway:

A FREE 30 minute NUTRITIONAL PHONE CONSULTATION from Registered Dietitian Alisa Dusan

I’ve been superexcited about this prize all week because, well, I feel like I need nutrition/eating advice like  But I’m superlucky because my sister is a registered dietitian who helps women, moms and children every day with their nutritional needs so I have someone to call.  Not everyone has that… so I’m so excited that she’s so generously given away this amazing prize.

Alisa has assured me that you can customize your consult for any dietary or nutritional needs you may have, but just to get the wheels turning, here are a few ideas:

*  Have Alisa help you come up with a healthy eating regimen for summer weight loss or weight maintenance.

*  Use the consult to discuss pregnancy nutrition or give it to a newly pregnant friend who might need the help.

*  Discuss a picky toddler or a kid who is having difficulty with eating.

*  Come up with a healthy eating plan for post-partum weight loss.

*  Learn tips on how to eat using a special diet (ie. Gluten-free)


Leave a comment telling me about your biggest nutritional challenge right now.

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Good Luck!  And, come back tomorrow to see who won and for ANOTHER Mother’s Day giveaway.


  1. Biggest nutritional challenge – Fixing healthy meals for myself to lose weight, but something my kids will eat too! Having to make 2 meals every night is about to do me in! Love yours & Alisa’s blogs & web info! SO VERY HELPFUL!! THANKS!

  2. My biggest challenge is staying away from candy- especially chocolate and then I find myself slowly wanting more and more day after day!

  3. My biggest challenge is two-fold. I have lots of food allergies and we are talking real allergies and I am super lactose intolerant which makes getting enough calcium difficult. My other problem is that I really like sweets. I need tips for cutting back so my lovely donut on my lower tummy can go away.

  4. Thanks so much Erin! I am super excited!!!

  5. I am always “dieting” or at least trying to watch what I eat. I am doing this workout program that is super super hard core and just plain hard. I am burning 750-900 calories an hour. I am building muscle and strength but I still want to lose a couple of pounds. Here is my problem….I am always crazy hungry! What do I eat that fills me up and helps me to lose weight?? Oh and I have a horrible sweet tooth!

  6. Erin- 1happycampa is my sister! She emailed me b/c she was SO thrilled about winning yesterday’s prize.
    I suggested your website months ago to both of my sisters and one of my sisters-in-law– so cool that they’ve been following you!

    Ok- my biggest nutritional issue is that I want to find recipes that are meatless but have a lot of flavor. We have been trying to do meatless mondays, and honestly I can’t think of another way to cook tofu besides stir fry!

  7. Here’s my big challenge. I’m addicted to chocolate, coffee, and red wine. I don’t know it that’s bad or good, but it’s my reality!

    Hey, I’m giving away a copy of Mommy Whispers for Mother’s Day. I just LOVE that book!