Easiest, 5-Minute, No-Cook, Kid-Friendly Dinner EVER

Seeing as how I’m 9 months pregnant and it’s already a billion degrees in Texas, I’ve been doing my best to find yummy, healthy dinner recipes that don’t require me a) to work or b) to cook. I found one. PLUS, my whole family– even my superpicky 5-year-old– LOVED these.

Shrimp Salad Tacos

3 limes
1 lb cooked, deveined salad shrimp
1 avocado, chopped
1 carton grape tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
1 cup frozen corn, defrosted
salt and pepper
corn tortillas
shredded Monterrey Jack cheese (or Pepper Jack if you like it spicy)

1. Zest limes into a large bowl, then juice them.
2. Add shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro and corn
3. Add salt and pepper to taste
4. Let sit in fridge for 5-30 minutes.
5. Scoop onto warm corn tortillas and top with cheese
6. Enjoy.

Want to make it preschooler-friendly?

Here’s what I did last night:

1.  I gave each of my kids a small bowl at the counter as I mixed the shrimp salad.
2. As I added each ingredient, I asked them if they’d like it. Both of my kids wanted lime, shrimp and cilantro. My daughter also wanted tomatoes and avocado. My son also wanted corn. Neither wanted pepper. I allowed them to add as much of each ingredient as they wanted and to stir their own.
3. My kids both ate their entire bowl because they “made” it.


  1. my mouth is watering just reading the recipe!
    Can’t wait to try it out. :0)
    The tip about having them help: genius!

  2. I recently made some light, shrimp quesadillas that required a little more prep… and this recipe is next on my list. Love me some shrimp. (Cue guy from Forrest Gump)

  3. Yummy! that sounds so good. How are you feeling girl friend? I did exactly what you did. thought i’d beat the morning sickness. feeling pretty good and smug about it until the horrible morning that i yacked and heaved to know avail and went back to bed until noon (thank goodness i work 2-10pm) and now i’m sick every day, not always throwing up but i just feel yucky and tired and sick to my stomach all the time. nothing tastes good, nothing sounds good either, and i just wanna sleep for the next 7 weeks. (I’m on week 7)

    pray for me girlie. this really blows. keep on praying for a healthy little one and trying to stay positive.

  4. Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it – my family all loves shrimp, even the litte ones!

    And BTW: good luck with labor and delivery as it approaches! I’m thinking of you and can’t wait to hear how it goes and see photos of your new little one (and learn his name)


  5. Love the idea AND the letting them “help” part! Praying you go soon and that IT goes quick and well! One thing my precious hubby did for me was actually pray out loud over me, the labor, and delivery. I truly believe both babies arrived quickly with minimal discomfort because of it! (You can also encourage him to pray that the baby COME NOW!!!!!) *SMILES*

  6. Next time invite me over to make my own bowl!!

  7. Um…YUM! Can’t wait to try those!