New Mama Refresher Course

You’d think that being a mom would be a lot like riding a bike:  Once you learn how to do it, you just know what to do.  But it’s not.  Because I feel like a complete newbie.  I’ve completely forgotten how to be a mama to a newborn.

Okay, so I haven’t completely forgotten, but I definitely need a refresher course.  Here are a few of the things I’ve learned in the last week:

1.  Always (ALWAYS) push the baby’s penis towards the baby’s legs before closing the diaper.  It seems like I forgot about this little tidbit and in the process of re-learning it, I’ve been peed on at least fifteen times.  You’d think once or twice would be enough incentive to remember, but no.

2.  Always (ALWAYS) have a washcloth or burp cloth handy when you take off a diaper or you’ll get squired.  Again, you’d think one or two “accidents” would be enough incentive to remember but no.  My washer has been running non-stop since Will came home.

3. There’s no such thing as “quickly nursing the baby before we go”.  Instead, newborns seem to think that any and every opportunity to eat should consist of a 2-hour marathon session.

4.  Those marathon nursing sessions are some of the sweetest moments between mama and baby.  Yesterday, I just sat there holding him and looking at his sweet little nose and eyes and well, it makes me teary how yummy he is.  It also makes me teary to think how quickly he’ll grow and change.  As a third-time mama, I know this sweet newborn phase won’t last.

5.  Even veteran breastfeeders get sore at first.  For some reason, I thought I’d be immune to this, but no.  But, thanks to some Lanolin and some Soothies, I’m on the mend.

6.  An 84-pack of diapers will not tide you over until your next trip to Target.  There have been moments when my little guy has gone through 4 or 5 diapers in an hour.  (See #1)

7.  My extensive collection of baby boy shoes leftover (still unworn) from Joey’s newborn days will once again go unworn.  What baby wears shoes?!

*I’ve missed y’all over the last few weeks… I plan on going to visit each of your blogs in the next few days so I hope to catch up on your lives and what’s going on!!  XOXO*

Also, check out the GORGEOUS pics that my friend Sarah took of us yesterday!  I love ’em!


  1. These are good reminders, thanks so much!. And what awesome photos of you and your kids!

  2. #4! I had a really hard time with this one on my last bambino. Really hard time. I would just hold him, stare at him and be a mess of tears. I cherished that newborn phase because I knew he would be my last. I tried to take it all in as much as possible.

    Those 2 years zoomed by (even quicker than with my first two kids). In fact, just today, that sweet little guy took my car keys, got into my car and locked himself in.

    Cherish these days for sure! :) Congrats again on that cutie!


  3. I’ll have to remember to re-read this in July…especially if we have a boy :).

  4. I think you are an amazing mom and super inspiring. Congrats again on Will and keep on being the mama you are to those 3 kiddos. You rock. Praying for you lots. BTW i got to see baby bean moving and it’s heart beating and i’m doing good at 10 weeks now.

  5. When my second was born, I added up the time I spent nursing. It totaled 8 hours a day. 8 hours. A full-time job on top of a full-time job. Soothies rock.

    • And your family photos are beautiful! I also noticed with my second that we didn’t take as many photos of him. I have about two thousand digital photos of my first.

  6. The photos are gorgeous. You have a beautiful family.
    You are so right about forgetting. I think if I had another I would be completely clueless.

  7. He is precious! Congratulations! I love your tips and will definitely be taking them into account… one day! :)

  8. Erin, he is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    (and, I’m scared to think how much I have probably forgotten since my youngest was born two years ago!)

  9. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

  10. #1 and #4 for sure. I am a first time mom and learning all of this…and right now it takes my husband and I to change his diaper because he’s such a wiggle worm. I’ve done it a few times on my own when DH was out of the house picking up some much needed items, and I never realized how challenging it would be–especially making sure he doesn’t pee on me or himself while prepping the gauze to put on his circumsized private area and making sure he doesn’t wiggle into his poo…LOL. But we’re getting the hang of it–slowly!