One Proud New Mama

Okay, so I’m still getting back into the blogging groove since Will was born (along with the cooking groove, housekeeping groove, twitter groove, writing groove and living groove)… and between midnight feedings and my first week at home (alone) with three kids, I didn’t get to writing today’s post.  So, instead, I’m going to shamelessly show off how cute my kids are…

P.S.  My friend Sarah from Miles of Smiles Photography took these pics…she’s AMAZING.



  1. Oh my goodness! They are all just so cute and sweet! Little Will is gorgeous, and his big brother and sister look so proud!

  2. This is an awesome blog because your kids are stinkin’ cute!

  3. Oh he is just so darn cute! Congrats again. You have lots to be proud of!

  4. Such a beautiful crew! What an amazing blessing to have such joy all in one place. I pray your week is a special one!

  5. Just finished rereading your book in full depth since I’m actually pregnant this time around and I have to say I was about to burst into tears knowing that I was finished with it. I feel like I got to be great friends with you and then had to let you and all your “normal” advice leave me and now i’m scared without your help.

    Promise to keep emailing me because I’m a hormonal nightmare and freaking out now. I’m almost into my second trimester. I’m not ready!!!!!!

    So anyways, Will is amazing, so are Kate and Josiah (fav. name)

    Can’t wait to share more of my pregnancy with you.

  6. Gorgeous photos! These will be some beautiful new wall art in your house. Hope to meet Will and see you and your family again in the near future!

  7. They are so cute! Many congrats!

  8. Precious!!

    And I’m just starting to find that rhythm…Thomas was born last Saturday so he’s not quite a week old. It’s a little overwhelming but I’m enjoying it! :)

  9. Oh my goodness! They are precious. That last one is my favorite!

  10. Hey, these kids look great! Hope you’re doing well, and surviving the new-mom phase. Those first months don’t get a whole lot easier, no matter how often you’ve done’em!