Interview with a Bone Fide Sexpert

Betcha never thought you’d see THAT title on my blog…but I kid you not, that’s EXACTLY what I have for you today.  My amazing, funny, smart, talented and did I mention funny friend Marla Taviano just released a new e-book today called “The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky

And, since Marla is a bone fide sexpert (I’m not kidding…she’s the author of the books “Is That All He Thinks About” and “From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife“) AND she’s funny and honest and loves God to boot, I’m really excited that she ventured into the “husband” arena and wrote a sex book for husbands from the perspective of a woman. What a cool gift for your hubby (hint, hint, Father’s Day is Sunday)!

Anyway, here’s what Marla has to say about her new book:

1.  So, Marla, not many Christian women are willing to tackle a subject like sex, yet this is your third (or fourth?) book on the topic?  What made you want to become a “sexpert”

It happened by complete and total accident. And shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but I’m not an expert. I just write from my own experiences and struggles.

I had actually just finished writing my first book, From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife, and had chopped a few thousand words from the sex chapter–enough to start a book. When the publisher asked what I wanted to write next, I included that as one of five topics. They picked sex immediately. Of course they did. So I freaked out, then calmed down and started writing. These days I go around talking to groups of women (and sometimes men) about sex, and it’s no big deal. Lots of fun even.

2.  This book is about sex for husbands. Is it written from the perspective of a woman?  Is it your personal advice or did you recruit other volunteers to help?

It’s for men (husbands) from a woman’s perspective. But after all these years of research and writing, I’ve gotten to know what goes on inside a guy’s head fairly well. I also had 130 husbands who (anonymously) filled out a 10-question survey about sex, so  a lot of their input is in the book. Their answers were super helpful. They really did a great job.
3.  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s nearly impossilbe to pull my hubby away from SportsCenter to read a book.  What is he going to gain or learn from reading this book?  Any tidbits or snippets that will motivate him?

That’s why it’s an e-book. (And half the length of the books I write for women.) A guy can read it on his phone during commercials or at stoplights or in bed at night. I’m hoping the subject and the title will be all the motivation most men need to at least check it out. And I know I’m biased, but I really think they’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s written simply and conversationally, and I think the message will really click with them–and hopefully bless their marriage (and their marriage bed). It’s not your typical Christian book on sex in any way.
4.  So, you’ve written four (or is it five? six?) traditionally published books and now you’re releasing a self-pubbed e-book.  Tell me a little about the process of releasing a book like this.  Is it something you’d do again?  What are the differences between traditionally publishing a book and self-pubbing a book?  Which method do you like better?

Just four. And wow, I don’t think I have the space to go into all that’s involved in creating an e-book. I’d love to come back sometime and share all about it though. Unless something goes terribly wrong, I’ll absolutely do it again. When my first book came out in 2006, I barely knew what social networking was. I had just started blogging and I don’t think Twitter and Facebook even existed. I did a lousy job marketing the book (I thought the publisher would do all that for me.). Times are a’ changin’, and I’m excited to go with the flow.

And I have to give a super-huge shout-out to my husband Gabe ( He’s a web designer and social media guru. His title at work is “Director of Digital Presence.” So if this e-book happens to sell tons of copies, I owe it first of all to God and second of all to Gabe.

I’m also really excited, because we’re taking whatever profits I make from the book and going on a mission trip to Cambodia as a family. Gabe and I went last July, and it rocked our world. We want our girls (10, 9, and 5) to be a part of it.

Thanks Marla for joining us today and can’t wait to read more of your work!  You rock!


  1. Many congrats on your e-book release, Marla! And I would enjoy reading a second interview between you and Erin, where you indeed tell more about your traditional vs. e-publishing experiences.

    • It’s a deal, Lauren!

  2. What an amazing post! Erin, thank you for having a guest! I am interested in hearing a part two (and in getting the book!)

    Happy Father’s Day, ya’ll!

  3. I am intrigued by this book. I am gonna look into getting it!


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