Am I Crazy?

So, I’m trying to talk my husband into going on a little mini-vacation next week. Not like an all-out airplane-flying, hotel-staying, spend-a-fortune trip to Disney World or anything like that, but a little road trip to the beach or to Dallas or Houston or something.

I know it’s a bit crazy.  I mean, we have a five-week-old.  And a three-year-old.  And an almost kindergartner.  And we’re all still recovering from, well, everything.  But the thing is, I feel like I’ve been stuck in the house forEVER.   And I truthfully kind of have…since last summer was spent at home, too, because I was pregnant and then lost the baby in late July.  And then I spent the entire school year sick and pregnant.  So this is the first time in a LONG time that I can really get away.  So I want to go.

So, questions for y’all:

1.  Am I nuts?  Should I just suck it up and stay home until my kids are a bit older


2.  If we do go, what should we do?  Does anyone have any brilliant (and not too expensive) ideas for travel with a family of five including a nursing infant?



  1. I have no ideas of where to go, but I almost think that NOW is the time.

    When we had our first baby, we stayed home because we were busy, and tired, and all of that.

    Only many months later did I realize that we could have been doing a lot more. A newborn is, I think, easier to travel with than an older baby who needs to stick to a more regular schedule. also easier than with a child just learning to walk, or a child with two specific nap times a day, or a child who complains when they get stuck in the stroller too long…

    I say go for it, but make it a comfortable driving distance so you can bail if it proves too much!

    • Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all arnuod!

  2. GO! You could even just drive down to North Padre or Port Aransas and stay somewhere on the beach. Plus, the little aquarium in Corpus is really good for small children.

    I agree that it would probably be easier with a new born than if you wait until the baby is a few months old and already on a set napping schedule.

  3. You’re not nuts–I think I would feel the same way if I were you! I don’t have any fabulous ideas of where you should go, but I definitely think you should go somewhere :)!

    • Thanks for sahinrg. Always good to find a real expert.

  4. PLEASE come visit us in Houston!

    We’ve got 2 extra bedrooms and I know a certain little boy who would love to see his cousins. Check out the Houston Zoo, the Astros, and Galveston is only about 90 minutes away!

    I say travel now while you can. You know the madness of the school year is coming up soon.

    • Thanks for the insight. It brigns light into the dark!

  5. I have no suggestions but I say GO FOR IT! Get some time away from the house and enjoy yourselves. Maybe the beach… there’s something for everyone at the beach!

  6. Totally not nuts and if you’re feeling like you have cabin fever now, it’s only going to get worse in the coming months. Take a mini-vacay for sure.

    I’m not all that familiar with the great state of Texas, but here are some ideas:

    1.) Camping: you either love it or hate it. Now, I’m not suggesting you bust out a tent with a 5 week-old but if you have friends with an RV or even if you want to rent one, this might be a fun idea…unless you hate camping. Then, it would be a really, really bad idea. :)

    2.) Stay-Cation…go to a fun hotel, swim, eat-out or order food in and have fun in a not-too-far-away-place. You guys can take turns taking the older kiddos out to a fun place of their choosing.

    3.) How far away is the water? The beach is a great place to relax…you need some relaxing on this trip–you have an infant! :)

    4.) Let the kiddos choose…within reason of course. Plot out a few things you can do in areas semi-close to you (or wherever yore thinking of going), and let your older two decide on some places they want to go. Let the kids choose their vacation…they might love the idea.

    Hopefully this helped and you’re able to get out of the house fairly soon and have some fun!

  7. You are so NOT crazy. GO!!! Our baby isn’t even born yet, but my husband is already on my to not stay in the house all the time when he is. I’m the kind of person that often doesn’t see the “hastle” as worth it – but think of how much fun it would be for your kids and the memories you could make. I live a million miles away from TX, but I’d say go anywhere – as long as it’s out!

  8. Definitely not nuts. I get stir crazy sitting at home–I’ve already been driving around town with my two week old because I can’t stand sitting in the house! And I agree with a previous comment–even though this is my first I think traveling with a newborn may be a bit easier since they aren’t as active. Yes, it can be a bit taxing–I know I’m always on pins and needles when I take Thomas out hoping he doesn’t go through one of his Mr. Grumpypants moments but I think it would be easier to deal with than when he’s older!

    Of course I don’t have a preschooler and a kindergartner on top of all that. Still you should go somewhere–even if it’s a beach trip or something simple.

  9. Go for it…. no matter where you, go you will love it. If we take our kids anywhere that they can swim in a pool, they think we are the coolest parents ever.

    • Well maacdaima nuts, how about that.

  10. Not crazy! Can’t wait to hear what you decided. Happy 4th. :)