Making the Most of the Fireworks Ban

No rain+ months of 100 degree weather= no fireworks.

We had to improvise.  In lieu of our annual fireworks extravaganza, we had more of a sparkler and glo-stick extravaganza.  But, that didn’t mean we didn’t have fun at our annual Fourth of July bash. We had a big blow-up waterslide (thanks to our friends Jonathan and Rachel), tons of grilled chicken and shrimp, delicious desserts (Michelle’s trifle and Anna’s ice cream cake were to.die-for) and best of all, good friends.  What’s better on a hot summer night?

AND, since I’m not pregnant anymore, I’m suddenly supermotivated to be supermartha-stewart-esque (yes, that’s a real word…).  So, we even decorated the house.  We planted red and white flowers in pots and tied them with red, white and blue ribbons.  Then we made pinwheels out of patriotic paper and stuck them into the pots.  It was supercute (and my kids helped with the decorating which made it a fun family project).

What did y’all do for the fourth?


  1. Apparently, our local firefighters host a pancake breakfast at a nearby park every July 4, so I pushed the kids over to that in our double stroller. We’ve lived here almost 6 years and I never knew about this event until now. It was tons of fun – and the kids loved the playground at that park, too.

    Glad you had a great 4th!

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  2. Went up to my dad’s side of the family’s annual fourth party. TONS of food made by all the best Aunties in the world. Lots of crazy people shooting fireworks AT each other. Hungry pregnant me sitting inside because it’s too hot and eating EVERYTHING in sight because I finally feel like eating anything but BBQ (Praise God for my lovely father who smoked a whole turkey just for me to eat something else that day).

    I gorged on taco dip, and strawberry cake, and peach pie hot from the oven, and lots of sides and more taco dip, and a little cucumber salad and then taco dip.

    Wonderful fun day with the family and lots of old ladies (aunties) all doting on me with my new bump. 😀 day of Heaven. Just had to walk to the house a million times to pee. But a great day.

  3. Oh and I forgot, got home in time to go with DH to the local fireworks show. Had hot dogs and nachos from the snack stand. Listened to a band play old army band songs, and lay on a blanket snuggly with him and watched an amazing display of beautiful fireworks dreaming of our child with us next year.

  4. Thanks for sharing. What a pelasure to read!

  5. Shoot, who would have touhght that it was that easy?