No Crying Over Spilled Milk

My plan for the morning:  Load my oh-so-sweet kids in the car for an early grocery shopping trip before the store got too busy.  I’d stock my pantry with healthy meal options, pick up diapers for the baby, grab a birthday card for my friend.  Then, I’d head home and put the groceries away just in time for my kid’s to watch Dora and me to get a little down-time to savor a cup of coffee, read my bible, pray and write a little before I met my friend at the park.  Easy, relaxing, productive.

What really happened:  The baby started crying before we even got to the store and by the time we made it to the produce department, I grabbed two apples and a bag of grapes and called it good.  I forgot to get diapers.  I forgot the birthday card.  Right as we got on the freeway on the way home, my five-year-old decided to give the milk “a hug” (because, you know, milk needs hugs).  He dropped it.  And, the entire gallon of milk went glugging out onto the floor of the backseat.  And, did I mention that I live in Texas and it’s 105 degrees out today?  The baby was still screaming when we got home.  I set the baby in his swing and pulled out the shop vac to try to vacuum up some of the milk in the backseat… but my three-year-old had to go to the bathroom right that minute.  She peed her pants.  And while I was cleaning up the pee, my five-year-old decided to help me with the vacuuming, but instead of vacuuming up the milk, he vacuumed up the baby’s socks.  I never got that cup of coffee or down time or time to write.  And, the morning was anything but easy, relaxing or productive.

I’m sure one day I’ll laugh.

But until then, I’ll rest in the fact that God has given me these tiny children for just a short time—and that means that there will be days that none of my plans go as  I hope.   Days that I miss out on my morning cup of coffee or some much-needed down time.  Days where my kids learn restraint and I learn patience.  Days that we’re together.  Days that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.


  1. I need to employ your attitude because right now (during the dog days of summer), ashamedly, all I can think about is the down-time I need and so desperately crave. I know I need to stop and take it all in. I know that in just a few short years, my kids will be grown, and no longer will I crave time to myself but I’ll be craving time with them instead.

    I need to be in the moment, no matter how crazy and stressful it is. I need to work on my patience and more importantly, I need to let God work on me as well.

    Great reminder and great post, Erin!

  2. vacuuming up the baby’s socks! You will laugh one day, and I think it’s okay if that’s not right away.

  3. What Katharine said.

    But I do hope you get a break soon. Hugs!

  4. I bet after you read your own post you were already laughing! Especially about the socks…

    Don’t you love these crazy kids? Ooh, gotta go, mine are screaming bloody murder at each other…

  5. Hey Erin! So, I read your blog at lunch time and then went back to a stressful workday. I came home and had decided to be in a bad mood….then I saw Isaac crawling desperately toward me, and the bad mood went away.

    It came screaming back when he kicked the bowl of spaghetti I was holding and feeding him from, sending it flying all over my shirt, pants, and the floor. I stormed away mad! I took a deep breath and took the messy child out of the high chair and handed him over to dad.

    It reminded me a little of the spilled milk you wrote about. Must have just been one of those days.


  6. I enjoyed reading about your day especially since I happened to walk into your house just after it happened… you were remarkably calm in light of it all! It won’t be the last such day but one thing I can assure you, it will be one you remember fondly because it will forever remind you of days when all of your sweet kiddos are still around! Love them even in the midst of spilled milk and disappearing socks!!

  7. This is a funny story, but sorry that it didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

    And I’m like you: I try to savor every moment with my little ones and save my personal time for night, when they’re asleep.

  8. I will forever remember this great story since I read it aloud to Justin while in labor with Brie (after the epidural-of course!). I’ll have to remember to never hug milk :)