My Latest Diversion

My to-do list for the next week:

1.  Five 300-word devotionals for the new Daily Guide posts book (due Monday)
2.  Three blog articles for various blogs (due by next Friday)
3.  Two magazine articles for a freelance job I’m doing (due Monday)
4.  Three book proposals (due ASAP)
5.  Four article proposals for freelance jobs (due ASAP)
7.  Six grants and 11 emails for my real job (due LAST Friday)
And that doesn’t even account for the fact that school starts in a week, I have to buy all of my kid’s supplies, attend two parent orientations and one open house,  do about 8 loads of laundry, sweep and mop the filthy floors, go grocery shopping, wash the dog and clean the upstairs bathroom…

SO, my question is this: 

My sister introduced me to the site a few days ago and instead of working last night, what did I do?!  I repinned things on Pinterest.  Because it’s so darn addictive and fun and amazing.  And, well, perhaps I’m procrastinating a little.

Anyway, I didn’t have time to write a blog post last night… so instead, I’m introducing you to my new vice:  WWW.PINTEREST.COM.  If you aren’t already on there, join me.  If you are already on there, well, then you get it.

Now off to do something productive.  Just as soon as I finish repinning that amazing cheesecake recipe I just saw.

P.S.  Blame Pinterest, NOT me!  This (along with the to-do list) is also the reason I’ve been so terrible about commenting on all of your blogs.  I’m still reading them.  And once I finish the to-do list and learn to stave off my new addiction, you’ll be seeing more of me.  Promise.


  1. So how do I get on? Do I need a log in or something? And do you have a “page” or is it just a pinning free-for-all? :)

  2. oh my– I have heard SO MUCH BUZZ about this site that it’s scaring me. Maybe I should wait until winter vacation… otherwise I’m afraid I’ll fall down the rabbit hole!

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