Hook ‘Em Horns (and a chance to WIN!)

I live in Texas.  So, we’re a teensy bit football crazy here.  In fact– top secret fact– I’m so crazy about my Longhorns (we won’t talk about last season) that I made it my secret goal to seamlessly fit the words “Hook ‘Em Horns” into my book. And, once I managed that (I swear, it was seamless), I managed to fit them into one of the devotionals I wrote for Daily Guideposts. Hook ’em!

Anyway, I digress.

If you’re a Longhorn fan (and really, everyone who’s ANYONE is a Longhorn fan, right?), you’re a Colt McCoy fan. And, if you’re a Colt McCoy fan, then you’ve probably heard that he has a new book out. The book, Growing Up Colt, is an inside look at Colt’s childhood, his football career and even his faith– all intertwined with some really great behind-the-scenes Texas football stories.  I loved it.

And, since I know you’ll love it, too, I am GIVING AWAY a FREE SIGNED COPY OF HIS BOOK this week on my blog.  Okay, so tiny disclaimer, the book is signed by Mike Yorkey, the writer who helped Colt and Brad McCoy write the book, but it’s still signed.  And, if you ask me, Mike is pretty darn awesome, too.  Even if he wasn’t a Longhorn Quaterback.

So, to enter to win, tell me what you do on gameday– do you get together with your friends, do you grill, do you tailgate, you you (gasp!) go to the mall and pretend the game isn’t on.  I’ll draw a winner next Wednesday.  And, yes, you’re still eligible to win even if you don’t like the Longhorns.  I just won’t be your friend anymore.

Good luck!  And Hook ‘Em!


  1. OH! This is exciting! We like to watch the games as a family and we really, eally like it when they’re night games so we can put the kiddos to sleep and focus better:). Some chips and queso is always nice too. Hook’em!

  2. We always wear our burnt orange and love going to the grocery store or around Austin and seeing the sea of burnt orange. Chips, salsa and beer are typically appetizers and then we finish it off with something on the grill.
    Yelling, walking the floors and a few (or hopefully a lot) of “WHOOPS AND HOLLARS”. Football is part of the Steele families weekends come football season.

  3. Every day here is game day. :) Baseball, football, Hockey, college basketball. I’m such a sports nut. We order pizza on big game days and I yell at the tv from time to time. :)

  4. Hey Erin – Our family has its share of “orange blood” so I’d love to put my name in the hat for a copy of this book. I didn’t know about Mike’s connection. That adds an extra touch to it for me. I’m sure it’s a great read. I’d like to share it with my husband and older son – both UT exes. Thanks for talking about the book here.

  5. Hook ’em! These days we watch the games at home as a family. I miss the days of watching Longhorn games at DKR. (Ok, so I’ve only been to a couple times but my husband went to every home game for like 5 years straight)

  6. Ah shoot–I’m not sure we can be friends anymore :)…die hard Husker fan over here! On game days I proudly wear my Husker red, but end up watching just whatever games are on Network TV, which is fine with us. And, I’ve got Brie ready to go too–three adorable Adidas girlie Husker onesies! Woot!

  7. I love football season…but not necessarily because of the game! :) Game days represent yummy food, chilly weather, family time and naps on the couch while I listen to my man calling out plays and screaming at the TV. It’s a good time of year! :)

  8. Over the last few years we have watched Texas play either on TV or attending the game. But here’s our background. We are from Jim Ned. Our kids went to school with Colt. However my husband graduated Texas A&M so you know what that means! What a dilemma. Maroon rooting for burnt orange is there any such thing. Yes in our house!

  9. We LOVE UT football. My great-grandparents moved to Austin in 1920s before the tower was even built, so we’ve been watching awhile. It’s totally a family affair, especially with my cousin playing. There’s lots of screaming, praying, jumping and high-fiving (not so much last year). My little guy is running around the house singing “The Eyes of Texas are upon you….” all this week. We can’t wait!

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  11. Although we are big Longhorn fans, we are bigger Saints fans so Sundays are our crazy football days. We host game watching parties each weekend and the rule is everyone has to wear black and gold to support the Saints. We decorate the house and have themed food each week…sometimes it has to do with our team, sometimes the opponent. We even have cheers for first-downs, touchdowns, etc.

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  14. I’m probably too late, but if not, my name is in. Colt is a great athlete from a great family.