The Attack of the Crafty Preschool Mamas

Everywhere I look on the blogosphere, everyone is doing these elaborate, gorgeous and amazing projects with their kids.  And, I have to admit I start to feel a bit subpar when I see a mom making Disney character cake pops with her three-year-old or watercolor masterpieces with her two-year-old twins.

That said, I decided to get crafty.

Okay.  Not really.  My sister made me get crafty.  She literally printed out instructions to a tissue paper craft and put ALL of the supplies in a bag and brought it to my house.  So, I got crafty by default.

The gist of the craft is this:  Take white paper.  Take tissue paper.  Let your kids tear the tissue into tiny pieces and cover the white paper.  Then spray the tissue with water and the colors will bleed and create art.

One problem:  It didn’t work.

So, there’s a slight chance I did it wrong (a.k.a. let my kids pile wet tissue onto the paper so it looked like mountains) but I swear… the tissue didn’t bleed at all.  The paper below is still white as white can be.   And all I have are a bunch of tissue paper mountains floating on drenched white paper.  *sigh*

So, there you have it.  My crafty masterpieces.  Stupid cake pop moms.  (Kidding!)

Question:  Do you craft with your kids?  Tell me about it so I can copy your idea (and screw it up.)


  1. this sounds exactly how my crafting projects play out. I am ambitious, and we try things sometimes, but we do not always succeed. I certainly couldn’t make cake pops on my own, let alone with kids. I have had some success with the klutz books (go figure) and their activities. Though, we pick the easiest ones to do. I also saw shrinky dinks the other day at the toy store and almost bought them, but maybe that’s because I ALWAYS wanted them as a kid.

  2. So I obviously don’t do crafts with miss B yet (and let’s be honest, I probably won’t, I am miss un-crafty)…but I had to let you know that I so love reading your stories and they make me laugh (in a good way)…makes my early morning so much brighter :)

  3. Seriously like the new design. I liked this article. Credit for the cool page.

  4. My kids love playdoh (they’re 2 and 4). We have some playdoh tools to go with the playdoh. My mom usually brings something playdoh when she visits, so we have a good collection.

    This isn’t an independent activity yet for my kids (rolling dough), but it’s OK – it’s time we spend together.

  5. I don’t do fancy crafts with my kids either. Being a one-income family, we don’t have a ton of extra money, so what we do have goes toward more lasting things than crafts that may or may not turn out well and that take 5 minutes to complete. However, I recently found this book (actually, several people had recommended it to me and then I stumbled upon it at Half Price Books) that has great activities that are hard to screw up, primarily consists of materials that you already have lying around the house, and teaches your kids some great building blocks for what they will learn in years to come. It’s called “Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready” by June R. Oberlander. I LOVE this book! It has a different activity a week for your children age 0 to 5, and each activity is age-appropriate, as your child develops. So you get the satisfaction of doing an activity with your child with the added bonus that your child is learning useful skills for later in life.