Savoring Midnight Feedings

Part of me doesn’t want my baby to start sleeping through the night.

Of course, there’s the part of me who’s sick of dragging myself out of bed every morning at 2 am (and 4 am…. And 5 am…) to feed the baby who simply won’t take milk from anyone but Mommy… but there’s part of me that savors the sound of crying on the monitor.

Now, before you dismiss me as crazy, let me explain.

You see, Will is my last baby.  Definitely my last.  Technically, Kate, my second was my last for three years, but this time I mean it.  I am not having any more.  And, because of that, these baby days are passing all too fast.  With my other two, I prayed that they’d start sleeping through the night… and cheered them on as they learned to sit, crawl and walk.  But with Will, I’m doing the opposite.  I’m praying he stays my baby just a little while longer.

So, for now, I’m savoring those middle-of-the-night wake-up calls.

I’m stroking his little head, sleepily rubbing his face and praying for this sweet and unexpected blessing that God has bestowed on me.

Because all too soon, my midnight wake-up calls will be over.

Question for you: What part of your life right now are you savoring?


  1. I felt the same way when my little guy was a baby. I would think to myself how I would treasure those memories when he is 15 and never wants to hang out with his boring Momma. He sleeps through the night most nights now, but I’m cherishing these last month’s with him as an only child. I know things will change so much with our relationship when we have another little in the house, so I’m really savoring just him. And hopefully we will adjust well to the second and we will all be one bigger happy family.

  2. Ditto:)

  3. Homeschooling my youngest, taking him to basketball practice and games. I know these next couple of years will pass so quickly.

  4. Oh! This pulls at my heartstrings because I felt (and still feel) the same way. Treasure every moment, Erin. Aren’t the stages so bittersweet with the last one? And yet time tends to go by even quicker than with your first and even your second. **sigh**

    If it makes you feel better, I am in total slacker mode with potty training my third. He’s still my baby and if he’s in diapers until he’s five, I’m okay with it. Disclaimer:Of course I’m not “okay” with it but I’m trying to hold on to every ounce of “babyhood” I can at this point.

    Soak in those moments. :)

  5. Oh boy, do I hear you on this one. By daughter was our third – and final – baby. Giving away the baby toys, crib & stroller were so… painful. Hubby said it was bittersweet, but in many ways it just plain hurt.

    Now she’s in kindergarten and I hold on tight every morning before school. And stroke her blond hair, shower her with kisses and hold on even tighter every afternoon.

    I’ve also become one of those older moms that smile wanly at the wee babes and their worn mamas, whispering “savor every moment.” Sheesh, eh?