Time for Christmas Cards (And Your Chance to WIN Free Cards!)

*WINNER* Congrats to Paige! I’ll send your $25 gift card soon. *WINNER*

Last year's family pic

1.  I love sending cards.

2.  I love GETTING cards (hint, hint to those of you who have adorable children and pets that you want to show off this Christmas).

3.  I hate tacky, kitschy cards.

4.  It took me 4 and a half hours to SELECT my Christmas cards last year because I’m picky.  And I wanted cards that were cute, Christ-centered, stylish AND weren’t tacky OR kitschy.  Is that too much to ask?!

Anyway, last June, I discovered The Little Card Company.  It’s a Christian company run by Christian moms– and they have hundreds of really cool, artist-designed cards for all occasions that have Christian messages.  AND, nothing is tacky or kitschy… so that right there tells you why I’m such a big fan.  Anyway, since I now know WHERE I’m ordering my cards from, and since it took me sooo long to pick the perfect cards last year, I thought I’d have a little fun this year and let YOU help me choose.  And, to make it even more fun, I thought I’d do a little giveaway to make the choosing even more fun for y’all.

So, here are my six favorite Christmas card choices for this year.   Tell me your favorite one in the comments and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate for Christmas cards from The Little Card Company.  Then, make sure to check back during the week of Thanksgiving to see which cards I chose and to see a picture of my final card.

Card #1:  Little Angel

Card #2:  Quiet Snowfall

Card #3: White Snowfall

Card #4: Peaceful Snowfall

Card #5: Red Ribbon

Card #6: Shine Brightly

So, press reply and vote!  One responder will be chosen at random on Nov. 10th and will win a $25 gift card to order their own Christmas cards from The Little Card Company.  I’ll post the winning card during the week of Thanksgiving.



  1. I like Card #4. It has Scripture on it and it’s a bit modern in color choices.

  2. Erin –
    I love #4 … Peaceful Snowfall. Of course I love a contemporary look and love how the scripture is a central part of the card, rather than in the footer of the card. Glad to know about this company … and your blog. Enjoy letting everyone put their two cents in on your design. I imagine it could take you more than 4 hours collectively this year ;).

  3. Oh, man, Card #2 has my total vote! That is beautiful!

  4. Love #5!

  5. I like #1. I don’t like snow cards b/c it doesn’t do that here. I’m biased, I like multiple pictures of my friends’ kids at Christmas time. Especially the kids I don’t get to see all year.

  6. My vote is for #5. I like seeing the people in a Christmas picture more than clever graphic elements.

  7. I love these beautiful cards and love how my frazzled Mom brain will not have to figure out this year how to fit in a Bible verse into a photo website’s tiny character count! I love #2.

  8. I like # 1-4, but if I had to choose one I’d say #2.

  9. I love #1. There is something about “red” that just says “Christmas time!”

  10. Card #3- so cheerful!

  11. I love the last one.

  12. I vote for number 5, because it would make my kids happy that it’s the verse from Charlie Brown Christmas, my husband happy that it’s clean and simple, and me happy that it’s Christain and highlights whichever photo we choose to represent us this year.

  13. Card #1…I especially like the Ephesians 3:18 verse, which I’m sure you can edit but it’s what makes the card stand out to me. :-) Good luck in your decision!

  14. I like card #1 because of the verse. It’s so lovely!

  15. I like #6!

  16. I like #4–cool and different colors than usual :)

  17. I LOVE #4…it’s cool and a little different. And what in the world does kitschy mean? Did you make up a word?

  18. Very helpful info. thanks so much, i just need it

  19. What cute cards! My favorite is card #2!

  20. Number 1 is my fav!

  21. I like the Quiet Snowfall card. Nice and simple.

  22. Great knowledge! I have been seeking for everything like that for a while now. Regards!

  23. They’re ALL pretty, but I like #2 the best! And you can leave me out of the drawing, Erin. Every year I try to do Christmas cards, and every year I fail! So this year, I’m just not even going to try! :-)

  24. Brilliant page, I will be viewing back again regularly to look for up-grades.

  25. Wow, I love them all! If I have to pick, I guess I’ll go with #1. I love the Faith, Hope, Love, the bible verse, and I like the layout. But they’re all great!!

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  28. Love a few of them, but if you have a great family pic like last year, I’d vote for #5. It’s classic & will show off the photo well!

  29. #1 gets my vote!

  30. I vote for #2! Love it.

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  32. I like card #6. Sorry I’m so slow to respond!

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