Joyful Motherhood

Did anyone else watch Parenthood last week?

If not, Christina, mom of three and five weeks post-partum if feeling totally alone and unappreciated as she juggles three kids, a house in the sleep-deprived newborn state.  She decides to plan a family night—where the whole family can get away and reconnect, but as they drive to go mini-golfing, the kids start complaining, her husband isn’t being supportive and she loses it.  She ends up telling her husband to pull over, kicks her older kids and husband out of the car and drives off, leaving them to walk home.

Crazy, right?

Ummm, not so much.

In fact, as I watched the scene, the first thing that popped into my mind was “Oh my, there have been like six times in the last two weeks that I’ve wanted to do exactly that.”

Okay, so I probably wouldn’t leave my kids on the side of the street to fend for themselves (they aren’t as old as Christina’s kids on Parenthood), but sometimes I feel like everyone is wanting, wanting, wanting things from me… I need a cup of water, the baby’s hungry, I need more Nutella on my toast because I licked it all off, find my sparkle silver boots because the black boots won’t do, Clean my Yoda underdrawers because the Yoda underdrawers are the ONLY ones that I will wear to school,  do the dishes, wash the laundry, get the baby up from his nap, drive me to Football, get me a snack, turn on the TV because I’m scared of the beeping noise it makes when I turn it on… and the list goes on.

Aside from leaving our kids on the side of the road, how can we deal?  How can we be joyful as mothers without losing our cool and doing something crazy?  I don’t know the answer… and I’m starting to discover that as a blogger, I often have more questions than answers… but at the very least, I’d love to hear from you and get a conversation started around joyful motherhood.

So, your turn:  How do you stay joyful in motherhood when your days and your tasks are anything but joyful?

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  1. Sometimes my husband tells me “we’re living the dream, you know?” And when he does I kinda want to strangle him half the time. But, it’s a really good reminder to me that I’m often thinking about how I’ll be happy in the future and I’m often dreaming about the future when there was a time that the very thing I’m living IS my dream. Even though my dream is really messy and demanding, it’s helpful for me to remind myself to love my life now instead of thinking I’ll magically be content sometime in the future.

  2. My grandmother loves to ask sleep-deprived parents, “Don’t you know these are the best years of your life?”. It’s a question that was asked of her, nearly sixty years ago, as she and my grandfather wrangled three little ones at church one Sunday. She was stressed and showing it when a sweet little lady came up and asked her question.

    As for me, I try to remember that this time is fleeting but … yeah … not doing so well on the “joyful” aspect of motherhood. Who knew adding a third kid would be SO stressful and SO tiring and SO chaotic?

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