Happy Birthday Joey!

My prayer for my courageous, funny and exuberant son on his 6th birthday

Lord, I had expected my life to be different when I had kids, but I never imagined how much my son would change me.  I didn’t realize how the instant I saw Joey, I’d gain a whole new understanding of your love for me.  I didn’t understand the depth of protectiveness, of passion, of hope and of joy that Joey would bring into my life.  I didn’t know that his being would affect my being so deeply, so wholly, so intensely.

But Lord, in one moment, six years ago, I was changed.  I hadn’t been sure I wanted kids just yet.  I didn’t know what to do with a baby.  I didn’t have a clue how to be a mom.  But when they laid my sweet baby boy in my arms, my heart ached—not with pain, but with awe.  He was beautiful—perfect, whole, amazing.  And you had chosen him for me.  I am so blessed.

Lord, I know you have a plan for Joey this year and I thank you for giving me the chance to watch your amazing work has it unfolds in him.  Lord, protect him.  Protect him physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Help him to grow and thrive in Your love and care and in the warm embrace of our family.  Lord, as he grows, help me to know what to say and how to act so that I never cause him to stumble.  Give me the grace to be the mom he needs—and the courage to stand for you even when it’s difficult.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with my smart, funny, creative, passionate and exuberant son.  Help me to never forget that he belongs to You and that you love him with a love that goes beyond even my own.  How safe I feel knowing that my children– my precious treasures– are in the arms of their Father.  Thank you for that hope– and I pray that Joey (and Kate and Will) — never, ever for one moment doubt that hope.



  1. Beautiful, Erin…so perfect. Happy Birthday to your sweet son!

  2. Yep, in that moment I was forever changed too. It’s the BEST.

    Hope you are well Erin and God Bless my friend.

  3. I honestly knew about nearly all of this, but in spite of this, I still thought it was beneficial. Very good blog!

  4. Your prayer brought tears to my eyes…. Joey is a blessing! (And so are Kate and Will!)