Day 2: Send a Love Note

Challenge #2 Send you kid a love note in his or her lunchbox (or if they don’t go to school, leave it on their bathroom mirror or under their pillow).  Even just saying “I love you” is enough.

Leave a comment telling me what you did and you’ll be entered to win Maama Cards!


  1. Such a great idea! I’ll do that today. Baby number 3 is coming soon and I think big brother needs a reminder of how much we love him!

    • Update: per his request to send a love note every single day, today’s note said, “You are my sunshine. Love, Mommy” and I even drew a sun and colored it with yellow crayon and everything.

      Wonder how long I’ll be able to keep this up? :)

  2. Since our only child is only 11 days old :). I wrote my sweet hubby a quick love note!

  3. Sent a love text to my sis.

  4. Book marked, I enjoy your site! :)