Bonus Day: Books I’ve Loved Recently (AND a chance to WIN!)

Taking a break from our “29 Days of Love” to tell you about some books that I’ve read recently and loved.  As a book lover, pretty much the best gift someone could get me for, say, Valentine’s Day, is a book.  Or a Kindle gift card.  So, I figured if any of you are married to book lovers out there, you’d maybe want some recommendations.  So here you go:

1.  FOR HIM (okay, AND for you): The Love & Respect Experience

I think most people have at least heard of Eggerich’s Love and Respect books by now… I’ve read most of them.  But Eggerich’s latest book– a devotional that he claims is “the husband friendly book that wives truly love”– is different because it’s formatted in a way that makes it feel doable.  Plus, the lessons and descriptions of Eggerich’s Love & Respect principles are really short, sweet and easily understandable.   Do you see why guys love it?

2.  For HER: Into the Free

My friend Julie Cantrell’s debut novel is fantastic.  It’s a beautifully–almost poetically– written story that will capture your heart from the outset.  Captivating, descriptive and emotional, this novel is one of those spend-a-Saturday-afternoon-curled-up-on-the-couch type of reads.



3.  For HER:  The What’s for Dinner Project

I love Kathi Lipp.  She just gets me.  She knows I’m busy.  She knows it’s hard for young parents to stay connected in their marriages.  She knows it feels impossible for young moms to even imagine dreaming for themselves.  And, she even knows how frantic I feel at dinnertime.  Anyway, this book is full of simple, fun tips to make dinner easy.  My favorite?  She explains how to have a freezer exchange and load your freezer up with ready-to-cook meals.  I did it with my sisters last week and now I have tons of grab-and-pop-in-the-oven dishes for those frantic weeknights.

AND now, a chance to WIN: Reply to this post and tell me which of these books you’d like to read and I’ll draw one lucky winner and buy it for you.


  1. The Love & Respect Experience …just because anything that helps J and I get each other more is much appreciated:)

  2. The What’s for Dinner book. I need all the help I can get!

  3. I would love to win the What’s For Dinner Solution book! It is an answer to my prayers, a book I had been wishing existed but didn’t know it did. I have other books by Kathi Lipp; The Husband Project and the Marriage Project. I love them both! If I don’t win this I will probably try to locate and buy it anyway! Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways! God bless!!!


  4. The Love and Resprct Experince! I have heard great things about it!

  5. I’d love to read them all! But, especially the What’s for Dinner? book…I only have an infant and I’m already struggling, so I’m going to need all the help I can get! Plus, the freezer exchange sounds fun :)!

  6. I’ve already got Kathi’s book(s!) so I’d have to go with The Love and Respect Experience. That subtitle is a serious hook!

  7. I would love the what’s for dinner book….always need new easy ideas. But they all look great.

  8. I would LOVE to read Into the Free, I’m always looking for a good Saturday cuddle and read book! :)

  9. I’m honored to be included in such great company as these other authors. Love you Erin!

  10. What’s for Dinner project! I so need the help and I just love Kathi!

  11. I have one of the love and respect books. It’s on the to-be-read stack.
    I think the dinner book would be crazy useful and keep us from eating meatloaf for 3 days in a row…

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