Day #7: Make a Recommendation

Today’s challenge is simple:  Recommend something you love to someone else… intentionally.   Loan a favorite book to your sister.  Send a song that your husband would love to him at work.  Call a friend and tell her she should go see a movie.  Tell your brother about a new restaurant you think he’d like.  It’s a simple way to show someone that you’re thinking of them… and that you know them well enough to know what they like.

You know the drill… leave a comment telling me what you did and you’ll be entered to win!


  1. I called my mom and recommended that she watch the movie “Leap Year”- you should too!!

  2. So, I suggested my sister read “Daniel Deronda”. A good ‘ol George Eliot classic:)

  3. So, I suggested my sister read “Daniel Deronda”. A good ‘ol George Eliot classic:)

  4. i sent a funny article to jonathan at work. it was about how guys can like Downton Abbey too (because he does, but don’t tell him i told you).

  5. I told my mom to read the Hunger Games, which I feel a little guilty about since I’m still a little conflicted about them. But, hey, I tried:)

  6. I recommended an eggless cookie recipe to my boss for her Grandson.

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