Challenge #14: Get a Gift

It’s gift day!  Today, I want you to buy a gift for someone that you love.  Nothing expensive or fancy, but just something small to show them you care.   Drop a latte off for your husband at work. Buy your kid a trinket in line at the grocery store when they ask instead of saying no.  Pick up a chocolate bar for your mom.  Download an eBook for a friend.

Tell me what you did and you’ll be entered to win CHOCOLATE!

I’ll be drawing winners for Maama cards shortly… stay tuned!


  1. I just got on your website for the 1st time…YAY! I just recently found out I was pregnant and looked through “tons” of books at many stores. I chose your Christian Mama’s guide and finished it today. I didn’t really buy anything for anyone today, but I did make something. I had to stay home from work because I have been super sick. My bf went out of his way to get me some fruit and pregnant safe medicine. Upon feeling better this evening, I made him a pepperoni pizza. To make it super special, I cut pepperoni’s out in the letter “I”, shape “heart”, and letter “U” to top it off. I have a picture I can show you but I am not sure how to attach it. He has been so good to me and we just found out a week ago on Valentine’s. I am blessed beyond belief!

  2. Got DH some Valentine’s candy off clearance today, made him smile!

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