20 Things to Do With Your Kids Outside

It’s been beautiful here in Texas lately!  We’re making the most of our time outside right now because we know what Texas summers are like… and we know that come June we’re going to have to hole up in the air conditioning.  Anyway, here are 20 fun things you can do to get out in the lovely Spring weather.


1.  Pick wildflowers.  If you’re feeling really creative, press them between the pages of books to glue onto cards.

2.  Go on an insect hunt and see how many types of insects you can find.  Later, draw pictures of your favorites.

3.  Roll down a hill in the grass.

4.  Plant a garden.  Or if you don’t have space, plant a pot of fresh herbs.

5.  Make an obstacle course and see how fast you can go through it.  (Don’t have “obstacles”?  Just tell your kids to jump 10 times, do two cartwheels, run around the house and then give you a hug and time them.)

6.  Make your own “Survivorkids” movie and film your kids showing the world how to hike, backpack, build a (fake) campfire, fight off a (stuffed) bear attack, etc.

7.  See how high you can get on the swings.

8.  Go birdwatching.

9.  Draw on the driveway or patio with sidewalk chalk.  (I’ve actually seen someone make their own sidewalk chalk but I’m a slacker and chalk costs like a dollar so I just buy it.)

10.  Play soccer.

11.  Make mud pies without worrying about your kids getting dirty.

12.  Lay out beach towels on the grass and pretend you’re at the beach.  Sunscreen required, juicy novel optional.

13.  Make a rock garden.  See how many types of rocks you can find to put in it.

14.  Play croquet.  Or bocci ball.

15.  See how many different shapes of leaves you can find.

16.  Get a magnifying glass and look really close at the grass and see what (ants? sticks? caterpillars?) you see.

17.  Make homemade lemonade.  Bring a whole bowl full of cut lemons outside then let your kids do the sticky work of squeezing them.  Add ice, simple syrup, water and fresh mint if you have it.  (For those of you who are recipe people, the ratio is 1 cup simple syrup made from 1 part water and 1 part sugar, 4 cups water, 1 cup lemon juice)

18.  Do “outdoor aerobics” and walk your kids through an “exercise class” including jumping jacks, push ups and dance moves.  (Leg warmers optional.)

19.  Play fetch with your dog.

20.  Go on a scavenger hunt to see if your kids can find one thing from every color in the rainbow.  Or one thing that starts with every letter in the alphabet.

Question for you:  What do you do with your kids outside?


  1. I love your blog so much! I found your blog after reading your book while I was pregnant. My daughter is 7 weeks old and I just can’t wait to start some of the activities you write about with her. So many of your posts challenge me and redirect me to God as a woman and a mother. I smile every time I come to your blog and find a new post. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your heart.

  2. Great ideas! We just bought some sidewalk chalk last night because I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

  3. I like #11! The hard part is the “without worrying about them getting dirty”… some kids sure know how to put a laundry machine to work!
    There are just so many great things to do outside though – I love that you listed all the things you can do WITH YOUR KIDS outside. These make for great quality time and memories!