Happy Birthday to My Sweet Wills!

Dear Lord,

You are a more/and God.  You give me more hope than I can even comprehend, more comfort than I need, more peace and forgiveness than I could even ask for and more love than I deserve — and then on top of all that, you’ve filled my life with more/and blessings–big, joyful and abundant blessings that fill my days with sticky-fingered hugs and my heart with laughter.

One year ago today, you blessed me with one of my greatest more/and blessings:  My vibrant and energetic son Will.  And like his Creator, my sweet boy has a more/and personality.  He wants more out of life– more excitement, more noise, more exuberant arms to toss him into the air and catch him safely as he falls.  And, on top of all that, he loves people, he loves to smile and he loves to wrap those sweet arms around my neck for a snuggle. Yes, he is a more/and kind of guy– with a big personality and a big heart to prove it.

Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful more/and son.  I pray that you give me the vision to clearly see you working in sweet Will’s life as he grows this year.  And, as he explores the world you created, tests the limits that he’ll surely test and learns about how life in this world works, reveal yourself to him.  I want him to know you, Lord.

Lord, I simply cannot be the mother Wills needs without you– I lose my patience in twelve seconds and my mind in eighteen.  So, grant me the tenacity, the grace, the humor and love to parent Will this year through ups, through downs and through all those times in between when the minutes drag on as I play “vroom vroom” for the twenty-eighth time in a row.  Give me a heart to find joy in the little things and a spirit that feels gratitude in all.

I hand my baby boy to you, Lord.  He is yours.  Make him and mold him into what you want him to be.  Protect him and keep him for your purposes.  Love more than even I do.

Thank you for this sweet blessing, Lord.  Amen

Happy Birthday Wills!


  1. I laughed and wept over your blog because I know well your one year old Will. I love his exuberant, warm and exciting personality and join you in praying over this special more/and grandson of mine.

  2. Hi Erin,

    It’s been a long long time since I visited your blog or anyone else’s blog lately. But, yes, children are truly a blessing of the Lord. May all of your children be blessed as you live your life in Him.