Happy Birthday Kate

My prayer for my beautiful, funny, kind and generous daughter on her birthday.

Dear Lord,

I haven’t even started typing and I’m already crying– tears streaming down my face in amazement and gratitude for the precious gift you gave me five years ago today.  Thank you, Lord for my much awaited, much wanted and much cherished daughter.

Five.  The year I’ve both dreaded and anticipated.  Lord, I’ve been here before.  I’m standing at the brink of sending my precious daughter off into the world.  And while I know that she still has many years in my home and by my side, I also know that every step forward is also a step away from me.  I intuitively want to hold her a little closer, to cling to this child who has grown up way too quickly, to beg you to keep her small for a little while longer.

But I also love the place she’s in.  I love watching her as she is shaped and molded into the woman that you created her to be.  I smile when she snuggles up with her cousin and spouts off biblical truths.  I laugh when she embraces your love with such childlike exuberance.  And I cry when I catch a glimpse of her interacting with others in a way that is generous and kind beyond her years.

I cried this morning when she woke up in her new princess room and carefully made her bed while I sang “Happy Birthday”.  She said “Mommy, why are you crying?  You can still love me when I’m a big girl.”  And she’s right– I can and do still love her even as she grows.  In fact, I love her more because every day offers new opportunities to see her personality and to learn about the beautiful person that you created her to be.

Lord, give me the strength, the patience and the courage to be the mom that Kate needs this year.  Open my heart so that I can see her as you see her– beautiful, vibrant and with so much potential to make a difference in your kingdom– and help every thing I say and do to reflect that vision.  Thank you for Kate, Lord.  In our home, your daughter is much loved, much cherished and much adored. Amen.


  1. Now you’ve gone and made me tear up! Happy Birthday Kate, you are very blessed little girl to have God give you such a wonderful mama!

  2. So sweet! I love what she said to you.

  3. Wow, Erin–I’m all choked up reading this as I have gone through this with my daughter and now my granddaughters. As they grow it is hard to let them go, but that is the order of life! Enjoy every moment, cherish every day–our children ARE GIFTS…precious GIFTS and they are grown before you know it! Happy Birthday, Kate!

  4. Beautiful. I’m all teary for your five year old daughter and thinking of my now twenty year old daughter. :) Happy birthday, Kate!

  5. And generous she is!! I love beautiful Kate!