This is the Day That I Start Blogging Again

I’ve been a bit absent lately.  Have you noticed?

Probably not.

It’s easy to forget about the people you don’t see.  That you don’t hear from.  And that’s been me.  Not only holed up writing my books, but also holed up contemplating, rehashing, shaping thoughts, clinging to the way things have always been.  And let me tell you something:  it doesn’t work.  Turning inward does nothing except for turn me away from others.  And away from the person God intended me to be.

And so this is the day.  The day I start blogging again.  And also the day I start rejoicing again.

I sing to Will as I get him dressed.  It’s the only way to keep him from flipping off of the table, from kicking me in the face as he flails to escape from the torture of putting a shirt on.  And this morning, as I sang, I realized something:  I’m not rejoicing in my days.

But this is the day.  The day that the Lord has made.  And I can choose to stress over it.  Or to rejoice.  And be glad in it.

And so this is the day that I rejoice.  And I am glad in it.


  1. so glad to hear your voice in your writing again, erin. love you so much and I always notice when you are blogging or not!

  2. I’m rejoicing in you blogging again…I’ve missed how you make me smile…and give me good ideas, like maybe I need to start singing to Brie during changing times…hmmmmm….

  3. I noticed! And I’m so glad you’re back.

  4. Love your post my dear daughter Erin!! A gentle yet powerful reminder… Mom

  5. I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.