This is the Day I Swear Off Homemade

I wish I were crafty enough to knit a gorgeous scarf or bake perfect loaves of cinnamon bread for everyone on my list, but after my “handmade mug incident of ’04” I learned that handmade gifts (or should I say Erin’s handmade gifts) never turn out the way I expect them to.  If you’re a crafty diva who can sew a skirt in an hour, then by all means, go for it.  But if you’re like me and making gifts causes more stress than buying gifts (which, by the way, does not make Christmas simple or fun) then I want to invite you to share in my new mantra:  I will think hard to find personal and sentimental gifts but I will not under any circumstances even consider making a single gift this year.

It is possible to find personal and inexpensive gifts without making them yourself.  For example, my son loves Shel Silverstein poems so I’m going to pay a friend (who is crafty enough to pull it off) to write a few of my son’s favorite poems onto wooden signs that he can hang in his room.  And I’ve already rounded up a variety of favorite coffee blends that are hand roasted at the coffee shop where we have shared many long conversations.  Both gifts are un-mess-up-able, yet personal and inexpensive.

What creative ways are you gifting this year?



  1. I remember a year we made all of our gifts. At the time I though they were amazing but when I look back and think about them I wonder how our relatives could have acted so pleased. LOL They weren’t that great. I think you can buy so many inexpensive things today at a zillion craft shows if you want to give something homemade. We are giving local coffee and gifts like that.

  2. Not to contradict you, but you ARE crafty and talented enough to make homemade presents. Case in point – any food item, paintable pottery, room signs, girls’ skirts (and schrunchies), etc…