This is the Day That I Pray For the Kids in Newtown… and America

Dear Jesus,

I’m unsettled today.   There are tears streaming down my face as I spread peanut butter on sandwiches and slice apples for my kids lunches.  Simple tasks that I’ve done thousands of times before.  But today it is different.  Because today I know I am sending them off into a world that has lost a bit more of its innocence.

I can’t stop thinking of those precious kids in Newtown who won’t be heading off to school today.  Kids who you created in your image.  Kids who you love more than anything.  Bright-eyed, joyfully innocent kids like my Joey. Lord, fill those families with a measure of peace that goes beyond human understanding.  Because none of us can imagine or understand that pain.  But you can.  Comfort them, heavenly father, with a love and hope that can only come from you.

Lord, I am so grateful that my kids’ joyful innocence that has yet to be shattered by this dark world.  By guns and violence and threats and pain.  Pain that no one, much less children, should ever have to endure.  I want to tuck my kids under my wing and protect them from a world that terrifies me.  But that is not your way.  You created me– and my children– as lights for you.  I pray for their protection, today and every day, but even more, I pray that you would never allow this dark and angry world to extinguish their precious lights.  Let our family shine for you, Lord.

And so, today, Lord, I pray that you make yourself known to our nation.  That you bring glimmers of hope and joy even as we mourn.  That you show your face to a world that seems to have lost all light.  Because without you, there is no light.  There is no hope.  And there certainly is no joy.



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