How Fruit Loops Got Me Thinking About Godly Character

fruitloopslogoFruit Loops.

I sent my husband to the grocery store last week and he came home with a bright red box of Fruit Loops.  I guess I should’ve been more specific.  After all, I did just write the word “cereal” on the list.  And, while in my mind, “cereal” means the uber-healthy, corn-syrup-free Fiber-O’s that I normally buy, “cereal” to him apparently means asking the kids what kind looks good to them.  And, when (shockingly) they point out the brightest, most colorful, most sugar-filled box in the bunch, he tossed it into the cart without hesitation.

As it turns out, my husband figured out really quickly why Fiber-O’s is my breakfast standby.  Two bright-eyed faces were peering at us over the edge of the bed at 6:15 the next morning, wondering if it was breakfast time yet.  And, when my husband told them to go pour themselves a bowl of cereal, they did so gladly, only to wander back in a half hour later in a state of pure sugar-induced unruliness that ended with my husband being drug out of bed before 7 am on a Saturday.  Lesson learned.

For the next few hours, we fought the Fruit Loop battle.  I swear, that stuff is like… well, chocolate during that time of the month.  One taste and before you know it, you’ve eaten an entire bag of Hershey’s Kisses.  (Not that I know that from experience or anything.)  My kids were on a Fruit Loop rampage.  Had I let them, they would’ve finished off the entire box on that first morning.  Instead, much to their chagrin, I put the box up on the shelf to save it for “special occasions” (read: when it’s Daddy’s morning to wake up early with the kids.)  I just didn’t have it in me to fight the sugar-high fight every morning until the box was gone.

My point in telling you about my family’s cereal choices?  In the midst of this Fruit Loop chaos, I started thinking about my walk with Christ and how (warning: cheesy analogy ahead) if I were truly living for God, I would be craving God like my kids crave Fruit Loops.  I’d be waking up every morning and instead of heading straight for the coffee pot, I’d head straight for my bible.  I’d crave second and third helpings of Jesus.  I’d think about Him all day long.  I would wake up early just itching to get into the word.

This Fruit Loop inspired epiphany got me thinking about my kids—and how I want to raise them with an intense passion for Christ—a passion that leads to a Christ-like character and that helps them to grow into adults who live and breathe Jesus.   I want my kids to choose Christ like they choose Fruit Loops—wholly, excitedly, passionately and consistently.  And so, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be writing some blog posts to explore just that:  teaching kids about Jesus in a way that makes them crave more.  And I’d like to ask you to join me.  I’ll be back next Monday and we can get started.  Until then, I’d like to ask you to spend some time praying for your kids’ hearts.  Pray that God would soften them towards him and that you would have His insight as you teach your kids about Him.  Talk to you soon!

Question for you:  What strategies do you use to teach your kids to crave more Jesus?


  1. We started a tradition this past Christmas of letting the kids have sugary cereal during the week leading up to Christmas. While they thought I was the coolest mom ever, I was kicking myself for ever letting them have a taste of that stuff.

    Craving Jesus more? I’m not sure our kids crave Jesus {like sugary cereal crave}, but we talk about Him a lot. I bring up questions of how Jesus might handle a situation, what the Bible tells us about our actions/attitude, and our constant need for Him, etc. I know that even I need to crave Him more than I do.

    I’m excited to read what lessons you have to share!

  2. Nice blog. But would just point out this minor mistake. They are froot loops. Not fruit loops they have always been froot. Sorry I have ocd so had to correct

  3. Do you know your scriptures. Google Mandela bible changes.