A Lifetime Commitment to Fruit Loops


thinkjesuslogoI made it very clear that I am not a Fruit Loops spokesperson.  I can’t stand the things—all rainbow-y and sugary and pseudo-nutritional.  And at the risk of offending any of you closeted fruit-loop-aholics, I just go ahead and say that I would be perfectly happy if they removed Fruit Loops from the store shelves forever.  I’m sorry.

But, just to make sure to really drive home what I’m said in my last post (and to make sure you were intrigued to read the post), I entitled this post “My Lifetime Commitment to Fruit Loops”.  It worked, didn’t it?  You want to know more.

My point is that growing Godly character is a lifetime engagement—something that Christians work on from the day they accept Christ until the day they die.  And as parents, there is no one magical formula that helps kids to become pillars in the faith.  That’s God’s job (thank goodness!)  But, I also understand that part of raising children with Godly character is exposing them to biblical concepts at an early age.

And so in the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how to do that.  How can I show my kids Jesus every day, every hour, every minute in a way that’s authentic, organic and real?  Oh, and in a way that makes them crave him.  And so I quizzed some of my “older” mama friends (I won’t name names since I’m calling them “old” in public, but these are women who have not only successfully raised kids, but managed to do so without burning down their houses or losing their sanity.  Needless to say, they know what they are doing.)  Here is their advice:

  1. Show your kids authentic faith.  Let them see you reading your bible or on your knees praying.
  2. Show your kids compassion for others.  Spend time intentionally helping others as a family.  Bring a meal to a friend who is ill, help rake your neighbor’s leaves, offer to play with a young mom’s kids to give her a break.
  3. Show your kids dependence on Christ.  When your kid asks you to make a decision, always respond with “I’m going to pray about it.”  And then, actually pray about it.
  4. Show your kids the importance of Christian community.  Go to church whenever you can and get involved in a community group or organization.
  5. Show your kids a healthy marriage.  Lead your family as a team with God clearly at the center.

Question for you:  How do you show your kids Jesus in a way that’s authentic and real?

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  1. I’m always asking women of a “well-experienced” age who raised children to become loving people how they did it, and I think your list sounds spot-on. Now, if I can only do it….