The Power of Prayer

praycontinuouslyA few weeks ago, my daughter asked to pray before dinner.  “Dear Jesus,” she said loudly,  “Help my mommy to be happy tonight.  Help her to get the dishes done.  Help her to read us a story.  Help my daddy to come home from work on time.  Help my brother to be kind to me.  Help the baby not to cry all night…. ”  And, she went on and on and on.   When she finally said “amen”, I asked her why she had so many requests for God and she said “Mooommmy, if we want God to do stuff for us, we have to ask him.”  Duh.

Yeah, duh.

It’s so easy for me as a mom to get caught up in my to-dos and forget that through prayer, I can have the ultimate helper to carry me through my trials.  God answers prayers—and that means I need to take every task, every problem, every need, every anything to him.  So, how can I as a mom—a mom who’s life is full of disruption and chaos—have a rich and fulfilling prayer life?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use God’s Word.  Last year, I was the ghostwriter on a book entitled “Praying God’s Word for Your Life“.  The book focused on using scripture as a tool for prayer and as I researched and wrote, I was inspired.  I took that inspiration and started praying the book of Ephesians for my kids.  For several months, I read Ephesians and verse-by-verse used God’s words to inspire prayer for my kid’s faith, their safety, their love, their hope, their lives.
  2. Write down your prayers.  I’m a writer so writing comes naturally to me, but I truly believe that keeping a prayer journal is not only one of the best ways to stay on-track while praying, but is also a powerful way to see how God answers prayer.
  3. Pray with someone.  Prayer seems like such a personal thing, doesn’t it?  But I’ve found that there is power in corporate prayer.  And whether you pray with a spouse or a trusted friend, choosing to share your prayer life with someone else is powerful and effective.
  4. Pray ritually.  I know it seems very type-A to have a prayer ritual, but hey, I’m a type-A girl.  I pray in the same spot (my living room couch) at the same time (5:30 am) in the same position (with my coffee and my fuzzy slippers) every morning.  And that ritual helps me to get into a groove and stick to it.

Question for you:  How do you pray?  What encourages you to pray continuously?

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to pray Scripture over my kids. I have tried this in the past and need to adopt this this practice again.

    Great post.

    Dabney :)